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    Anyone used Ellebana for lash lifts? I am ellebana trained but I think the product is too strong. I love their tint Belmacil but for me the lash lift products are just too harsh. Any anyone used Ellebana before and switched to an alternative brand? Would love to hear your thoughts
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    Facial bed recommendations

    Hi I am looking for recommendations for a really comfy facial bed for my clients to relax on during their facial treatment. Fixed bed recommendations please 😃 I find some of the mobile ones very uncomfortable and noisy
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    I need a kit for my brow wax and tint course

    Hi all I have purchased a brow wax and tint course without a kit as I want to buy a professional kit to use from the off. Can anyone recommend a kit. The course uses strip waxing for their eyebrow wax technique
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    Hot stones vs rose quartz

    Hi Jemma could your friend recommend a Facial Gua Sha course please
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    Eve Taylor & Monu

    Hi all Would love to hear your thoughts on Eve Taylor or Monu products. Most important for me...Do your clients like / good results? And secondly goodfor retailing? ❤️
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    Home business start up

    Hi all, wondering if anyone who has set up a home salon can give me some advice please? I am starting my own business from my home in 2020, my space will ideally be a cabin in my garden. Can anyone offer any advice or steps I need to take to have this all legally run from my home. any advice for...