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  1. J

    Creative Master

    Hello, I do not know, if here in Germany the Creative Nail Classes are the same as the UK or GB.... I am a technician for 3 years and I want to learn more and become better. Creative does a 2 day class ( 4x4 hours) and its called "Master Class".... you will learn how to do a perfect French...
  2. J

    Brisa or Retention?? Natural nails

    Hello, Tomorrow I have to do a french manicure on natural nails.... would it be better to do it with brisa or Perfect colours and Retention??And how do I do it the best way?? With Retention I`ll do my prep and than apply Product like I would on a tip..(?) and with Brisa?? First a clear gel...
  3. J

    "good" or "bad" liquid??

    Hello, Today I was in a nailstore ( for professionals only) and saw a new liquid which I did not mention before.... I only use Creative but I got a little of this liquid for free because the shop ownder said that it would be as good as creative.....I think it will not be quite as good but it...
  4. J

    Glass Tips from Creative

    Hello, again me with another stupid question..... here in Germany Creative offers 3 different Tips, Eclypse, Formation and Velocity. ( and the french of course). And all these tips are now available as "Glass" tips. I have once used some Glass-tips from another company and there were not...
  5. J

    Retention or Radical??

    Hello, until now I`ve only used Retention, on all of my customers. Now I would like to know when du you use Radical? Whats the difference between these liquids? I have one girl that does a lot of work with water, eg. This is the only one that has bad liftings. May I use Radical here or still...
  6. J

    More than white=perfect finish??

    hello, I was jutst wondering if "mtw" is the same than the "perfect finish"from elegant glass... where can I buy it (I´m from Germany) or where can I have a look at this product ( maybe a website)... thanks Diana
  7. J

    Crack in tip

    Hello, one of my nail has a big crack in the tip and in the gel-overlay. I would like to know how to handle this. Do I have to put a new tip on the nail or can I still file the gel down, repair the tip with glue and put new gel onto it? Has anybody tried this?? thanks Diana
  8. J

    Nail fresh, Scrub, Primer,..

    Hello, again some stupid questions from a beginner, :D 1) I have Nail fresh, is it right, that I use Scrub fresh first, than Nail fresh and then scrub again? And at last the primer?? 2) I`ve read that Nail fresh is Acetone with some ether. Could I not use only acetone?? What does the...
  9. J

    UV-cured Powder and Liquid ??

    Hello, would like to know if someone uses it and from which manufacturer.. I have problems with the smileline,..( I use CND) and I`ve thought maybe to use l/P that does not cure until I put the fingers into the lamp...maybe only for training,..when I`m "perfect" with creating the nail with...
  10. J

    Interesting links ??

    Hi, maybe someone has a good link for me...something about nails, maybe pics or another forum or something were I can learn more... I`m from germany, and I think here there is not much good stuff for nailtechnicans,....I only know Beautytech ( which I like !!!) and this site. Are there any...
  11. J

    Creative Powder--mix--?

    has anybody tried to mix the powders..maybe the metropowder silver with "ultra white" or the mosaicpowder blue with yellow..to create new colours?? or maybe the pink powder with some metropwoder ????
  12. J

    Creative AND EzFlow?

    I think if I could sculpt the free edge with the forms and use EzFlow ( because they have so much nice colors) and then sculpt the rest of the nail with Retention and Creative powder,....??? Has anybody done this ?? :?:
  13. J

    EzFlow or Creative....

    Hi, which one do you prefer and why?? I use Creative but its much more expensive than Ez....is it better?? Ez has a lot of nice colours and I`m thinking to use their products,....or should I stay with Creative????? :rolleyes: