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  1. HMC

    What is a spa treatment to you?

    I am in the process of transition from a beauty salon to a spa. While our physical set up isn't quite ready to be a luxury spa, it's something we are working on. First I would like to start with the feel and procedure of our treatments we are already doing; specifically Facials and Massage...
  2. HMC

    Advice on employees who made unauthorized purchases for salon

    I would open the conversation and be honest. I agree that is was an error on your part not to specify a budget or a list, and you expected the total to be under $ amount. Ask them what THEY think you should do? (Not that you would do what they say, but to see their point of view and to see that...
  3. HMC

    Online booking buffer times

    What system are you using? We are using Kitomba. We have set up a service called "Buffer" and it will automatically add this to the end of all appointments. It may not be possible with all systems. I would get in touch directly with the software company and ask what they expect you to do. Good luck!
  4. HMC

    What can you use to maintain/care for a spray tan?

    Can you use a body oil, or will this strip/fade the tan? If not a body oil, does the lotion you use also need to be oil-free? What should you do if you have patches/streaks AFTER you have a shower. Hope back in? Rinse? Scrub? Moisturise? Thanks in advance.
  5. HMC

    What can you do about ingrown hairs?

    All your tips and advice please for either a client who gets ingrown hairs (mild or severe) or to prepare my new therapist for clients questions. Thanks in advance.
  6. HMC

    How do you make your compress towels smell nice?

    For those that use a hot towel cabi, how do you make your compress towels smell nice? Obviously keeping in mind these go over client's faces, so shouldn't be anything that will sting eyes or react with skin. I have heard of things in the past, like spraying them with something, or putting...
  7. HMC

    Uniforms & shoes - help!

    If you wear a uniform, what kind of shoes do you wear with it? We have a black wrap dress that falls to just over my knees. What shoes do I wear with this? I find ballet flats (while most common) are just not comfortable to wear all day every day - I need more support than that. But also...
  8. HMC

    Business plan & goals, what are your service & retail targets?

    Great response, thank you.
  9. HMC

    Business plan & goals, what are your service & retail targets?

    Really helpful replies, that gives me somewhere to start - thank you both.
  10. HMC

    Business plan & goals, what are your service & retail targets?

    What is the average in the industry? I am very new to this side of business and need a starting point. Can anyone confirm what I have heard here: Therapists should be booked 80% of their schedule Therapists should aim to bring in 3-4x their wages Selling retail with __% of services ??? OR __%...
  11. HMC

    How long does it take to advance junior, intermediate and senior level therapists?

    Yes, very true! Thanks for your reply. :)
  12. HMC

    Clients who turn up really early!

    It's frustrating when they expect to be seen early too. I used to miss my lunch break often due to this, then would be starving later. Now I hide, and it looks like I'm in treatment with clients. I don't answer the phone while I'm eating either. If I am doing admin/paperwork, I do the same...
  13. HMC

    Pillow cases getting covered in oil!

    We cover all our pillows with towels, and find the towels much easier to wash. The oil doesn't soak through to the pillow very often. We use 100% pure jojoba oil for all our massage.
  14. HMC

    How long does it take to advance junior, intermediate and senior level therapists?

    Thanks Vic. That all makes sense. Assuming the therapist is (as you say) hungry for knowledge and advancement. Puts the time and energy into it, and is an excellent therapist. Would you still not call them Senior until X amount of time? I would call myself Senior; 9 years of hands on...
  15. HMC

    Best way to attract new clients?

    I agree about practice a few phrases to say to clients at the end of the treatment. Or making it sound like you are busier than you are. Giving them fewer options makes you sound busier, and generally clients will respect your time more (silly but true). "Hmm let me have a look for you.." "I can...
  16. HMC

    Where do you look for work?

    I'd also be put off by "must have experience of X years" and would rather read "experience preferred but not necessary" (assuming attitude, professionalism and all the rest of the boxes are ticked). Are you struggling to attract people in the first place? Or are getting applications, but...
  17. HMC


    What do you love about it? I have the same question. Thanks
  18. HMC

    Add on for spray tanning?

    Alongside spray tanning, I most commonly see: Nails Lash extensions Makeup, Hair - styling/for events If you think about your current clients, do they also go elsewhere for their nails, or for their lashes? That might give you an idea of what they are looking for.
  19. HMC

    Client retention rate 58%?

    Interesting! I think that's accurate across the industry? I think it could also depend on your area and the way you do your bookings. Ours is at a comfortable 75%, usually 85% overall. Not sure the breakdown between New & Existing.
  20. HMC

    Business name ideas needed please

    In Google, I find if you search "Beauty Salon Name Ideas" it will come up with mostly Hair related. Maybe try "Beauty Clinic Name Ideas". If you find a word you like, try and look in a Thesaurus and see if there's a less common word, but similar. Pinterest has some good ideas too, whether you...