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  1. KMack_Ox

    Clients being pushy

    I have a client exactly like this went for a consultstion by the time i reached her door she had sent me 8 messages with hair colours...kept bombarding me with texts ranging grey hair - purple then blonde back to grey again couldn't make up her mind.. she then text me last mon asking could i...
  2. KMack_Ox

    Hair disaster

    Oh my.. The girl only asked for about some advice for her hair! Now your slating her for having a bra on a picture? Hahah! Bit ott! I think this stylist needs to learn how to balayage.. needs done again with root colour &blondes going through it!
  3. KMack_Ox

    Road closure to affect our salon

    I rent a chair in a salon but we're going thru same thing at the moment!, roads been closed as there putting up a flood scheme at river! It's been going on for 18 months. It doesn't really affect our appointments we just make sure we keep advertising, let them know about it all etc! Xxx
  4. KMack_Ox

    Before and after-again

    Restyle I done! X
  5. KMack_Ox

    Spotty balayage

    I would go back and complain! X
  6. KMack_Ox

    Shampoo before toner?

    Thanks guys! Will start doing this! Love coming on here & finding out what I should have been told ha x
  7. KMack_Ox

    Shampoo before toner?

    Can any one tell me why you'd Condition before toning? I've always been told & trained to shampoo then tone then condition as conditioner acts as a barrier? Xxx
  8. KMack_Ox


    I have 7 in total but this is my fave one on my thigh. Xxx
  9. KMack_Ox

    Before and after-again

    One from today! X
  10. KMack_Ox

    What is your salon Facebook?

    https://m.facebook.com/upandcutting?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fupandcutting. Please like my page all likes will be returned! X
  11. KMack_Ox

    No paper work from HMRC?

    Thankyou makes sense now just wasn't sure if it was right or not xx
  12. KMack_Ox

    Engagment rings

    This is min got engaged last year :)! Xx
  13. KMack_Ox

    No paper work from HMRC?

    Following as I'm the same I got thru a self assememt sheet & a government gateway I'd not sure if this is right or not ad can't get through to them :/ xxx
  14. KMack_Ox

    Which colours do you use?

    Wella! But been dabbling in tigi copyright :)! X
  15. KMack_Ox

    Your weight loss secrets!

    I've just started juice plus & clean healthy eating. And try get to the gym 3 times a week xx
  16. KMack_Ox

    It's the final countdown!

    Final day tomorrow & I'm flat out! Can't wait for a well deserved holiday! Hope you guys all have a good Christmas xx
  17. KMack_Ox

    Before and after-again

    Some more before & after colour changes! 1st pic I had to try sort a very badly done 'ombre'
  18. KMack_Ox

    Salon apps

    I've recently started using ovatu after playing about with a couple apps I find it very handy & once u no how to use it its pretty straight forward x
  19. KMack_Ox

    Ghd vs Cloud Nine?

    I prefer cloud 9 over ghds! Especially the newer ones, I feel the new ghds pull on the hair. Xx
  20. KMack_Ox

    Before and after-again

    Few from this month :)! Xx