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  1. Cpazza

    Fired client

    Don't have her back, you will just be on edge wondering how she will react after each appointment. We have enough to contend with rebuilding our businesses after covid without the addition of bad reviews. It's not worth it xx
  2. Cpazza

    Behind closed door appointments, how to deal with the requests!

    Well done for being so professional and being a role model for the industry, unfortunately so many aren't like you and risk not only thier health but the health of others and give the industry a bad reputation. I am a complementary health therapist and have been approved by my local authority to...
  3. Cpazza

    Please help, customer won’t leave me alone!

    I am so sorry to hear this, as therapists/hairdressers our businesses are everything to us and you have been very professional about it. In the last 7 years I have had the misfortune on encountering 2 strange women. The first wanted to be a close friend, which I don't encourage as I was her...
  4. Cpazza

    Covid case - one staff member

    Yes people are and you certainly see the best and worst of society when you work with the general public. Stay safe x
  5. Cpazza

    Covid case - one staff member

    I am in tier 4 so closed but work on my own so don’t have the staffing issue but this is what happened to me. A client kept her massage appointment whilst in isolation awaiting her Covid test results. I asked all the usual questions but she lied as she selfishly wanted to keep her appointments...
  6. Cpazza

    New tier announcement

    It's rubbish isn't it. Your local authority should be able to confirm it with you. All the best x
  7. Cpazza

    New tier announcement

    Unfortunately if you live in tier 4 all contact services have to close, I am the same, I live 3 doors from tier 3 but am in tier 4. "In areas under Tier 4: Stay at Home, all businesses providing close contact services must close". It also says you must not travel between tiers to minimise the...
  8. Cpazza

    Henna hair dye

    Thank you very much for your advice, do you know any non toxic brands that may be worth a look at xx
  9. Cpazza

    Henna hair dye

    Hi What's your thoughts on henna? I dye my hair myself, I am not a hairdresser BTW, and use JoiCo natural brown to cover grey. I am wanting to change to a non toxic colour, my hairdresser who is really good said they are unpredictable but I just don't want to use chemicals on my hair. Can any...
  10. Cpazza

    Psoriasis under thumb nail

    You could start with your GP but they don't really understand gut health and immunity and usually prescribe steroids which can drive it down. A functional medicine approach if often more beneficial as we look to the root cause. I hope that helps x
  11. Cpazza

    Psoriasis under thumb nail

    I am a Complementary Health Therapist and Registered Nutritionist. Psoriasis is usually an auto immune condition which comes out through the skin, the skin condition is the symptom but not the cause. It would be best to seek professional guidence with a Registered Nutritionist as we can look at...