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  1. AnwarKline

    What is the best stool/chair that you use & love?

    Hello, you should search a seat that maintain your back good and be comfortable, try check some office variants but they must be with pillows to get more comfortable. Have a nice day!
  2. AnwarKline

    Laser hair removal machine?

    Hey, I use Remington iLight Ultra Face & Body IPL, it have a lot of good reviews and I can recommend it too! because it's best choice for it's price. Have a good experience.
  3. AnwarKline

    Lighting for lash extensions

    Hey, search for an adjustable light with touch dimming and power and also it needs to be very lightweight to occupy less space!
  4. AnwarKline

    2021 trends

    Hey, I think for 2021 we will drink alcohol for disinfection and wear masks instead of clothes))
  5. AnwarKline

    A little something to bring you some festive cheer!

    Best cover ever! Adore it!
  6. AnwarKline

    Colouring nanos?

    Hi kerry goodwin, I absolutely agree with Haircutz. Currently there are a lot of people who are fitting hair extensions after one day’s training. And it is also very sad that some clients have no idea about how the hair is processed. I would rather refuse to color them because the result might...