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  1. Julia Lashes

    Silk fibreglass

    Please recommend high quality fibreglass U.K. based . Thank you
  2. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Henna

    Brow henna first client
  3. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase My first work

    I’m not professional but trying 😊
  4. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Brow lami & tint

    Lash bomb
  5. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Russian volume

    3-4D Russian volume
  6. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Ombré 2D

    Russian volume 2D purple ombré
  7. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Lash lift

  8. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Lash lift and brow lamination

    Lash Bomb and Elleebana
  9. Julia Lashes

    What’s this colour?

    Please help .
  10. Julia Lashes

    Eyelash extensions tweezers

    Please suggest good quality tweezers for Russian mega volume . I did try Vetus, Noir , Flawless be Loretta . Any suggestions?
  11. Julia Lashes

    Beauty room

    Hi, I’m looking for beauty room in South Elmsall