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    Kylie Minogue - The Making of "Slow" Video

    I'm up late at night (or well early in the morning depends on how you look at 2am ha ha ha) and they are playing the making of Kylie Minogues Video - Slow on TV I have watched it a few times and I have to ask - Is the nail technician we see working on our Kylie our very own Mum ??
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    I can see - Now - But Earlier.....

    I sat down awhile ago with the plan to have a play with some gel nail art on some tips and on myself and decided in order to do this I needed to make up a few nice colours. So I use these small spoons to do my mixing that I got off of a qantas flight (the stirrer in the coffee pack) which is...
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    Black Glitter Tips

    These are the nails I put on myself on Monday They are EZ FLOW Hollywood Blvd Glitter powder with the IBD Glitter Sprinkle (discontinued :cry: ) Over the tips only. This is what brings out the green/blue look Tips then Sealed with EZ FLOW Clear Polymer A CREATIVE perfect color Pink Powder...
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    FeedBack PLEASE

    I have been away for awhile but finally I am back. I am really desperate to get feedback on my work at the moment. As you may recall I haven't been in the industry long. I opened my own salon and closed it within 2 months. I am so far unemployed have moved interstate to help family and I am...
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    Hello all The biggest earthquake in over 4 decades has hit Asia and MANY are dead more injured. We have fellow techs on this list who may have been severely hit (Mui comes to mind) by either the quake the tsunami or both. Lets all pull together and keep these people in our thoughts and prayers...
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    Time for Another Beating!

    Will it be me getting bashed or the Aussies kicking a bit of English bum in Rugby. The count down is on. What do you wanna be?? A Walla Wallaby!!!!!! Jadey:D
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    Odourless Acrlylic

    Hello all, I was just wondering if Creative has an odourless monomer?? I am looking into moving into a salon where the only demands are that I offer odourless acrylic and gel enhancements. Obviously Gel is easy but I did have my heart set on using Creative acrylic products. Thanks Jadey...
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    I am sitting here typing this while soaking off all my nails after i swore i'd never do that again. You see I was going to do my own rebalance (blue glitter french) but after getting my left hand so perfect I was in heaven - I spent today doing my right hand. Drill out smile lines with some...