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  1. KMack_Ox

    7/89 Ct?

    Can anyone tell me if this is discontinued? I'm doing a client tonight who is wanting grey so been followin some posts on here and this was advised or 7/81illuminia.. when I went to sallys tonight 7/89 Colour touch was nowhere to be seen! So I've gone with Illuminia fingers crossed it looks good! X
  2. KMack_Ox

    Colour house

    Recently gome mobile & it's going great although this month I'm pretty quiet! Anyway back on subject I'm using wella asy colour house atm as this is what I'm used to using in previrus salon it's brilliant but it's a bit on the expensive side so thinking about stocking a new cheaper brand.. can...
  3. KMack_Ox

    Need advice

    hi guys need a bit of help, i had a client who had balayage the bottom was probably about a base 9/10 she went on holiday and it lightened up even more with the sun! she was wanting to go down to a base 4,anyway i put on CT 5/0 and 1.9% as her hair is usually quite porous and sucks all the...
  4. KMack_Ox

    Need a rant, people expect miracles!

    ok sorry but i really need a rant! had a pregnant client with black hair ( has been for years ) wanting ombre..base 7 on midlenghts gradually going lighter! explained to her well before i done her hair & on the day that with being pregnant and so dark it might take a few attempts to get it to...
  5. KMack_Ox

    Red to blonde

    Hey geeks needing some advice Have a client this week who has really red hair ( was coloured with wella 55/44 previously ) she's wanting to lighten it up a lot ( base 9 preferably) what would be the best way to go about doing this as obviously there's a lot of red pigment in it! X
  6. KMack_Ox

    Mobile business names

    So I've finally decided I'm going to go self employed was looking at renting a chair but its about £52 a day so just going to go mobile atm, I need ur help for a business name! Eventually I would maybe like to do some beauty to so needs to suit both this & hair any suggestions? I did like...
  7. KMack_Ox

    Opinions please - rent a chair vs going mobile?

    Wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice? I've been hairdressing for 5 years and I'm stuck trying to decide what to do. Shall I go mobile or rent a chair? I have a great clientele at the moment. I'm employed but due to bad experiences and the salon closing, I'm not sure what to do...