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    Microblading from a log cabin

    I have booked a microblading course for next week Been sent the manual & have been looking at it & it says that environmental health have to come out there has to be sink with running water, sharps box mounted on the wall no absorbent materials in the room, wipe clean floors etc etc I...

    What's the cause of this with tanning?

    I have these 2 clients that are mother & daughter have been tanning them for near on 2 years & the past few times they have said that: The tan has gone green on just there tummy Patchy arms/legs the daughter work do wears leggings so that's why The mum goes topless & doesn't put a bra on...

    Anyone recommend a neon polish

    I am CND trained, bought the neon powders yesterday & am struggling with them, did a friends nails tonight & they were shocking.... They went on the colour pops fine yesterday, there just so messy, I hate working with cream puff, you do it thin there is brush marks, it wrinkles I just hate it, I...

    Shellac users & nail art?

    Just getting into nail art Do you go all your nail art with shellac & brushes? Vinylux & brushes or nail art pens?? I ordered some Rio Nail pens when I bought both WAH Nail books Not used them yet & I guess you leave the sticky layer on if you do?? Just wondered what others are using &...

    Can you remind me how to create this heart?

    Do you carve the heart out with a dotting tool?? I use shellac (all shellac products) been trying to find a tutorial on it in YouTube but nothing has come up x

    So annoying - people not bringing money!

    I have been going for 2.5 years & in this time have had about 6 people who turn up with no money or think I take card when I say I don't 1 person paid cheque the others have gone home & done a bank transfer as they have rushed out & forgot there money (for tans) or body wraps Tonight a lady...

    Teeth whitening?

    I was thinking of getting someone in once a month to do teeth whitening in the salon as I get asked about it but this isn't something I want to do Someone has told me though on the news they are going to make it illegal that just anyone can do it & it has to be done by a dentist?? There is a...

    NSI training

    I'm thinking of getting into acrylics as there very popular. Always said I wouldn't the same as extensions but here I am 2.5 years later doing it I am thinking NSI training in Dorset.... Anyone use NSI what do you think. I like that you don't have to blend the tips on these I imagine alot of...

    Creating this with Shellac

    Do you think this is possible with shellac?? I have hot pop pink for the colour. I'm still new to nails & venturing into art etc (not sure how perfect I could get the lips) although may try stamping Do you think you can get the end result finish like this with shellac??

    If you use a diary for clients, where do you keep their details

    I'm buying a new laptop today I was going to get a online booking system added on to it but I'm also swaying to keeping it just a diary Obviously I want to be able to recall addresses etc & pop in the treatments they have each time... If I go down the diary route where do you guys store client...

    Template documents

    I have got some documents for Patch test disclaimer for lash extensions Patch test disclaimer if no patch test After care for lash extensions Im after a form for Eyelash & eyebrow tinting & the aftercare Anyone recommend anywhere this can be downloaded

    NSI anyone use it

    Have been watching a lady on YouTube & she uses this product with a no blending tip & no electrical products used 👍 Am toying with maybe doing acrylics & a a course I imagine many nails company's so a mo blending tip Anyone use NSI would you recommend it or have you used it then...

    Question about lashes?

    So I did a patch test today on someone with very curly lashes. Trying to stick a D curl on it was a nightmare. My questions are: What do you find the most popular curl & length that you use? What's pads do you prefer? If they have curly lashes what do you use??? I don't want lots of...

    Did my first set of eyelashes last night

    I did my course back in April 2013 but have just been so busy that I haven't had time to submit case studies until now. I have 5 models all lined up that are coming over the next 48hrs to be patch tested Last nights was a mission: it took me 3hrs & she could have done with more in there...

    Where can I get tweezers like this from?

    I have been into capital & Sallys & the don't nor have ever sold them I see a lot of people using the above type of tweezers when doing eyelash extensions & think id cope with these better when trying to separate the lash

    Can you recommend a good printing company?

    So my salon should be up & ready in the next few months & I'm needing Business cards Leaflets Price list leaflets All made up ready for the launch. Was thinking of using someone local but it doesn't need to be. Just want a good company that get on & do it without a lot of messing around

    What are you running your software off?

    In the coming months I have a log cabin going up in my garden it's a big one & going to be like a proper salon I have no idea yet what software I'm going to use to book clients in. I don't think I'm going to pay for a expensive one as it's just booking clients in I need. I need to get a new...

    Where do you purchase your foils from?

    Where are you getting your foils from for shellac? I have bought about 6 from S2 but I want some other ones & more options

    Sticking crystals into the sticky layer of Shellac

    I'm sure I read somewhere that crystals or bows anything like that can be stuck into the sticky layer of shellac & cured I bowed some nails yesterday & put some green gems on & cured wild off the sticky layer after top coating & curing & they moved & fell off?? Is it better to just glue them

    Tanning booth, anyone own one and how do they work?

    I have a log cabin going up & am toying with either getting a 2nd hand tanning booth although don't understand how they work? Am I right in thinking you don't spray them it comes out of jets? Not sure how I feel about that. Or buying a shower tray & getting 2 glass panels made up with my...