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    Gel polish brands, which to choose?

    Hi there, so I’m currently doing my level 3 and training I’m practising with some very cheap gel polishes at the moment. Now I want to up my game in anticipation for my qualification and gathering clients. Iv read to much bad stuff about the TGB so iv ruled that out. Iv ruled out CND for my own...
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    Trainee nail tech in need of feedback

    Thank you so much for taking time out to have a look and reply. I do have some cuticle remover that I can use and I have some nippers. I just get worried about hurting people and sometimes when I push the cuticle back it looks like this weird roll of skin if that makes sense and I darent clip it...
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    Trainee nail tech in need of feedback

    Hi guys, first thread on here iv been a member for a little while and may I say what a wealth of information this forum has been ! So I started my level 3 nail tech course in mid October and it’s currently on zoom due to the new lockdown restrictions. I hate pestering my teacher as I know she’s...