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    Magpie gel colours

    I personally didn't get on with them. Lifting within a few days and popping off although some people get on fine. I've since been completely converted to The Gel Bottle and now rarely use my shellac!
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    Gelish colour brushes ruined!

    Hi, I've had this happen. I don't know why it does it but you can buy replacement brushes from nail harmony
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    New to gel nails

    Hi, I trained with Gelish and although I loved it, I found it a bit pricey. I've added Shellac to my range (which seems to be taking over) and I'm looking to fully replace my Gelish with another Gel brand. I'm trialling Magpie but The Gel Bottle has incredible reviews and a friend of mine has...
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    Dull Shellac

    I use d sperse but I only use one pad for both hands. Could it be the lint free wipes? Im yet to find reasonably priced ones I like. I use the CND Xpress top coat and I've tried applying it thinner and thicker. She keeps her nails short. I'm stumped too. I'm desperate to get that high shine! I...
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    Dull Shellac

    Hi lovelies, I have 1 client (just the 1) who always seem to end up with dull nails. I use the CND LED lamp. I always check her hand positioning and have waited for her nails to cool before wiping the tacky layer etc. All other clients seem ok. Does anyone else experience this or have any clue...
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    Magpie gel colours

    Has anyone else tested these out yet? I'm currently trialling them. The lamp needs to be at least 35watt if I remember right which was why some of the users were experiencing problems. I have the CND LED lamp which I read is the same one sarah uses and I've also read the Gelish 18g is also ok...
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    Where to start?

    I went with Hand and Nail Harmony for Gelish. They were fab and are always happy to help with any queries any time after the course. I did the basic application course over 2 days. I personally don't trust the online courses x
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    Gelish colours

    When looking at new colours I always check the Chickettes site. Also agree with do I look buff, rodeo to rodeo drive and plum tuckered out x