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    Cuticles and nail prep

    Hi, I have a client (same toenail picker) who regularly gets acrylics. When she leaves them bare, she tends to chew at her cuticles to the point she tares off the PNF. She noticed some premature lifting on a few occasions when I applied a new set. Could it be these peelings cuticles? I did a...
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    Ingrown toenails

    Greetings. I have come across quite a few of these and must wonder what you do when a client comes in with what looks to be an ingrown toenail. I am not talking about the ones on the top you can clip off but rather, the ones one the side which seem to be leaving a swollen side wall.
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    Lockdowns and business

    Hello, again, wonderful people! I live in the US and right now the beauty industry is blessed (well... that is questionable I honestly suppose...) to be able to determine whether or not our businesses remain closed or open at the moment. I know this is not the case for many other areas of the...
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    Reconstructing toenail for difficult client, help!

    Greetings! Same bonkers client texts me. Love her to death. Longtime customer but seems to be picking at her toenails. First was that little baby pinky and now, god heavens!! I have never reconstructed a toenail before. Client said she "banged" her big toe on the coffee table supposedly and is...
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    Clients that buff their nails

    Greetings! I have a few clients who remove the gel themselvesand use those damn buffer shiners on their nails. The ones that make their nails shine like diamonds and as thin as a sheet of paper. Hell, it makes gel manicures much more difficult to adhere! Very hard to prep them this way, too...
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    Buffing toenails?

    Greetings! I have heard quite a multitude of things regarding buffing toenails before a basic pedicure. I was taught to do so, and am quite surprised that multitude were taught quite the opposite. What do you professionals do? What have you been taught? Best,
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    Strange toenail on client

    Greetings. A client of mine texted me about a weird bruise on her toenail. Out of concern, I inquired as to what happened. She said she cut her cuticle and it started bleeding and proceeded to inquire if I can still perform my services. Nonetheless, this looks like it is on the nail bed and...