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    Not very busy!

    Is anyone else noticing a steep decline in business this last month or two?! Like since early September? I had a big rush of clients right after lockdown where I saw literally every one of my clients throughout July and August, they were fighting for appointments and now my column is dead. Just...
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    Difficult client

    I have a lady whose hair I’ve done for years and years, she is probably my longest and most loyal client. The problem is, I don’t actually like her much because I don’t think she treats me very respectfully. She wants a colour change done almost every appointment, makes me feel anxious as it’s...
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    Maternity leave

    Hairdresser/beauty mums self employed and self employed- how long did you take off maternity leave (just for the first child I’m interested in), did you find it enough time and would/did you do it differently the next time? It’s hard to know what to do about clients. They were practically...
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    Clients going mad over appointments!

    I’m finding booking in my clients for their post-lockdown hair extremely stressful to the point I’m dreading having to book more in tomorrow (and tell them they can’t have it done til end of August), I just have a lot of clients and I’m only one person, some of them just don’t seem very...
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    Self employed mat leave

    What usually happens with renting a salon chair and maternity leave? Do you still have to pay your rent for 9 months if you took that amount of time off (which I am)? It wasn’t mentioned in my contract and I haven’t asked my salon owner yet, I’m afraid to! I can’t lose my chair but I defo can’t...
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    Maternity leave, how long?

    How long do hairdressers generally take off for Maternity leave?
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    Mobile to chair renting?

    Have any hairdressers managed to successfully go to renting a chair from being full time mobile? Did your mobile clients start coming to you at the salon? I’m worried mine won’t.
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    Tired of mobile

    I’ve been a mobile hairdresser for the last 10 years (8 years as a salon employee before that), and I have loved it, but I feel it’s becoming quite draining on me nowadays. I’m fed up of working around client’s messy houses and with their families and pets around causing chaos, it’s becoming...
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    Looking for a hairdressing room to rent, Bromley/Orpington

    I’m wondering if anyone has a salon or shop of some sort, with a private room to rent out to me, as a Hairdressing studio for just me and my clients? I would need space for a hair washing basin, and a chair & mirror space obviously. Some natural light would be important too, plus easy parking...
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    Mobile to working from home?

    I’m a mobile hairdresser and have been for the last 10 years (have been doing some of my clients for 15 years+), therefore a lot of my clients are quite set in their ways with me and my service. I want to start working from my home, because mobile is just becoming too much physically and...
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    Mobile hairdressing advice

    I’ve been hairdressing for 16 years and the last 8 of those I’ve been mobile, I loved it for the first few years but my back is now really causing me problems to the point I’m in pain at work every day, from the amount of time I spend in the car (I have a tiny, very uncomfortable car which I...
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    Weekends off?

    I work for myself as a hairdresser, am busy all week long but of course the weekend and evenings are the most in demand times. The problem is, I’ve done this weekend and evening work for 15 years and it’s now really getting to me. I hardly ever get to see my partner who works 9-5, and we’re now...
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    Help, I hate my dyed black hair

    I’m a hairdresser and I’ve done a stupid thing- had my own hair dyed black and I HATE it!! I’m naturally a warm medium brown, like a chestnut. I just fancied something vivid and interesting, but I actually just look 10 years older and washed out. It definitely isn’t the right colour for me...
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    Feeling down about hairdressing

    Does anyone get totally fed up with your particular field of Hairdressing from time to time? I’m full time mobile, have been for 8 years now and it’s going well business wise, it’s just I can’t really see myself doing it for the rest of my career. All the lugging equipment round and sitting in...
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    I’m pregnant, how do I do this?

    I’ve been a busy mobile hairdresser for the last 8 years, have worked my backside off to get my reliable clientele and it’s all been paying off the last couple of years, I finally work the hours I want, travel very short distances, charge the highest rates in my area and have it pretty much all...
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    Mobile to home salon

    I have been hairdressing for 17 years (age 34), have been mobile for the last 9 and have been happy with that lifestyle, however I’m starting to get very tired of the travelling around. I am lucky that I’m busy, but people always try to convince me to travel quite far out of my area and when I...
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    Mobile advice?

    this may sound a silly question but just wanted to know if any full time mobile hairdressers have any general advice or words of wisdom for someone just starting out with my own business? i've worked in salons for 7 years but 2 months ago decided to go freelance, for the obvious benefits like...
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    Last minute colour problem!

    I am a freelance hairdresser based in London, have been hairdressing 7 years (in salons) and have recently gone self employed. Always used L'Oreal or Clynol colours. I did a client's colour last week which i am re-doing tonight (bit late for this but never mind!), she had previous home colour...