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    Microdermabrasion / Dermalogica medibac

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on my own skincare (I haven't done my level 3 yet) so, I have combination skin which seems to be getting dryer. On my T zone this isn't a problem but on my cheeks this causing some milia / whiteheads to form. My skin is usually clear,I have a...
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    Gelish selection opinions?

    I have; Ph bond, foundation and top it off (obviously) Your so sweet your giving me a toothache Eur do chic Grand jewel Black shadow Tikka tikka laranga Red roses Queen of hearts Simple sheer June Bride Sheek white do you think this is a reasonable selection to start with ? I...
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    msximist evo

    Anyone have this machine ? I cant quite get the settings right... what do you use?
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    Confused about tax

    Hi, im starting up as self employed. Ive just been looking into registering with the tax place (HMRC or something) and I find the info' a but vague. Firstly, do I pay tax on my income separately from tax on my business profit? I plan on opening a business account and paying myself for the...
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    Different massage courses?

    Ive been looking at the beauty academy and they have these options. 1. Body massage training course with option of adding an NVQ. I dont know which level it is 2/3? Would the nvq include the anatomy and physiology that hasnt allready been mentioned ? 2. VTCT lv. 3 swedish massage - still...
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    Trading standards

    Id love to know, with beauty treatments are we legally supposed to issue refunds for anything?
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    Pulled her enhancements off and blamed me for damage

    LUCKILY this wasnt a paying client it was only my mum, I had done her some UV overlays a fee days ago and she decided she wanted them removed and try gelish. I told her I was only ftee this morning and she told me any time before 11 was finr. I texted her this morning at 8 asking what time was...
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    Thea skincare anybody?

    From what Ive read on their website it looks bloomin great, ive ordered a sample and suspense is killing me ... anybody tried it ?
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    Tips for launching my mobile business?

    Hi, Ive finally taken the leap to self employment. I was just wondering if anybody had any tips on working mobile? Im fairly confident as I used to do nail extensions mobile and boy oh boy was there a demand, at that time I was not ready for the demand, most of it was word of mout. As far...
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    What are your fave brands?

    After a LOT of thinking I finally took the plunge, quit my job and ordered everything (almost) that I will need to go mobile wooo. And going to beauty uk in May - so excited!!!!!!! I still need facial products, has anyone tried Thea ? The other brands I will be using ; nouvatan, gelish, thai...
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    Colours for dimensional blonde look

    Hi , My hair is naturally a fair brown (level 7) . It was previously highlighted numerous times, I coloured my regrowth with wella kp 10/8 and 12% and my roots went slightly gingery .I was told that I could use wella kp 9/8 with 9% for lowlights I thought I needed a 3% developer for this but...