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    Imported Photos

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  2. Cute Tips

    weirdest names for pets

    I have two dogs Phoebe - Blonde and white female Shih-Tzu - a proper little maddam! Boots - a little rascle - black and grey male Shih-Tzu named after the monkey in Dora the Explora! I used to have a beautiful silver grey weimaraner called 'Beau' - he was my baby and i miss him so much.
  3. Cute Tips

    Nail technicians & Manager JOBS!!!!!!!

    I also think this could be for Nails Inc...im in Southport and my salon is just round the corner from Debanhams which has just had a Nails Inc stand appear about 2 weeks ago....im very eager to know what is going on as I have never seen anyone working on the stand yet.
  4. Cute Tips

    Baby news

    Congratulations! Lovely news! You must to so proud of her...looking forward to seeing a picture!
  5. Cute Tips

    drunk santa game!!

    826?????? :eek: dont think i could beat that! But I'll have a go hehehehe!
  6. Cute Tips

    Are you for Capital Punishment?

  7. Cute Tips

    I need a screen saver

    Im looking for a nail related screensaver for my desktop at work. Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get one from?
  8. Cute Tips

    brush cover ?

    I also use the little black box from creative. I wrap the brush end with a bit of tissue and put a blob of blue tack of the other end that stops it rattling round in the box...then when I get it out I use the blue tack to hold my dappen dish in place!
  9. Cute Tips

    World Aids Day

    This is really awful....and the thought that we are fetching our own children up in to it all really does scare me. One of my clients lost her son at 20 years old to HIV... he got it from a girl 6 months prior to him dying and the girl is still walking the streets and sleeping around without a...
  10. Cute Tips

    Are you for Capital Punishment?

    I also think this is how things should be...although sometimes I think they would be getting off lightly this way....life should also mean life when it comes to sentencing.
  11. Cute Tips

    drunk santa game!!

    Just had another go....got 648 this time LOL
  12. Cute Tips

    drunk santa game!!

    Beat ya! Got 422....and more trumping as it went on!
  13. Cute Tips

    I've Done It!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow well done Kirsten, what an amazing achevment! The first Grand Master in the UK! Im so pleased for you...youve given me a kick up the butt to get started now!
  14. Cute Tips

    12 x 6 yr olds booked in for sat ! tell me a good sealer coat!!

    Ive not tried NSI airshield before...how is it used?
  15. Cute Tips

    its official i'm now on the CUTICLES TEAM

    Well done Amber.....Wishing you lots of luck and success for the future!
  16. Cute Tips

    first pics of new home salon

    Wow...it looks fab! Bet you cant wait to fill it with all your goodies....and clients of course!!!!!
  17. Cute Tips

    xams nail art on monday-gutted i was puking!

    Oh poor you...hope your feeling better! I had to give it a miss also due to the bad weather....didnt fancy driving over from Southport. Would love to know how it went though.
  18. Cute Tips

    Best thing invented

    LOL I'd go for birth control OR Roger my rabbit (yes...the rampant one)!....and chocolate! Dont think I could live without either!
  19. Cute Tips

    New game.... Movie assosiation

    jessica lange
  20. Cute Tips

    New game.... Movie assosiation

    Above and Beyond