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  1. emmalouisa

    spray tanning

  2. emmalouisa

    st tropez tanning

  3. emmalouisa

    sundrench tanning

  4. emmalouisa

    tanning to legs

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  6. emmalouisa

    tanning in romford

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  8. emmalouisa

    Ordering from creative

  9. emmalouisa

    does anyone do ear candling?

    Hi peeps ive just done my ear candling course now i have to complete 3 case studies, has anyone done a hopi ear candling course as i wanted to make sure that i am on the right track with the case studies? or if anyone had an example of a case study? thanks in advance.
  10. emmalouisa

    split nail

    i have a client who has a split length way down the nail in the middle and part of the nail and has come off at the free edge now. its not sore or anything can anyone reccommend anything? wll it grow out ? thanks peeps
  11. emmalouisa

    tanning problem

    hi peeps hi to everyone , i havent been on for a while been really busy, i had another new client last night for a st tropez she booked the night before saying she needs a tan before she goes away on sat as shes tried applying tan her self and she just goes patchy. so i went round there and...
  12. emmalouisa

    Beauty forum

    Hi peeps just setting up a beauty forum please feel free to ask any beauty questions on there , its free to register hope u dont mind me posting this GMG many thanxs emma http://totallypolished.proboards41.com/index.cgi
  13. emmalouisa

    Massage models

    Hi im studying my massage vtct at braintree college anyone who would like a full body massage for £8.00 on a saturaday morning please let me know thanxs peeps
  14. emmalouisa

    tanning question

    hi peeps on a st tropez record card card it asks your skin care products contain AHA s? and what skin care products you use? What are AHA s? can anyone explain this for me as i must effect the tan?
  15. emmalouisa

    St tropez

    Hi Peeps, Anyone know how many full body tans i can get out of a 240 ml standard size st tropez tan?
  16. emmalouisa

    massage oils

    hi im studying sweedish massage at the moment there are lots and lots of carrier oils to use for body massage at the mo ive just used sweet almond oil which is nice can anyone reccommend any others as there are too many to chose from ? many thanxs emma xx:cool:
  17. emmalouisa

    must go

    just to let u no peeps i have some nail tips for sale on geekbay they need to go to a good home 360 velocity tips, 171 formation tips, millenium french tips please pm me if ud like to make an offer xx
  18. emmalouisa

    waxing at excel

    hi is anyone doing the brazilian/ playboy waxing day with dion gray from babtac at excelon the monday ? just wondered if any geeks will be doing it?
  19. emmalouisa

    mobile to far

    Hi peeps JUst wanted some advice had a new client phone me today she wants a spa manicure except shes 22 miles away from me it will take 40 min to get to her now is it worth it? i normally charge £5 extra for travelling out of may way but think this is too far ? wat shall i do?
  20. emmalouisa

    web sites

    hi peeps i currently use free webs to build my site is there any others out there as im abit fed up with the templates freewebs have?