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  1. mrselliott

    Nail help

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my nail? And what can I do to make it better? Please excuse the chipping polish! It is a little tender but not painful.
  2. mrselliott

    Norwich hairdressers

    I'm off out on a hen night next weekend and quite fancy getting my hair blowdried / curled whilst I'm there. Can anyone recomend a salon?
  3. mrselliott

    SJK problem with order?

    Has anyone else had problems with sjk this week? I only received half an order today. I have tried calling but their number isn't working. Also their number has been removed from their web site? I'm a bit worried? I have had no reply from emails either? Sy ideas?
  4. mrselliott

    Toning hair extensions?

    I have a client who is very blonde. #60 hair is still too gold. What toners do u use on extensions before fitting?
  5. mrselliott

    What makes you different from other mobile/freelance stylists?

    As the title says. What makes you stand out from other mobile stylists in your area? Sent from my GT-I9195 using SalonGeek mobile app
  6. mrselliott

    Wavy extensions

    I have been doing extensions for a while but only ever done straight. Tomorrow I have a set of wavey extensions to do on hair that's just above the shoulders. Her hair very wavey and Is happy to straighten or wave her hair to blend in. Any advice to make this look perfect?
  7. mrselliott

    Colour match 6.036 affinage to SJK colour ring?

    I have a client who has affinage 6.036. I need to match up extensions to sjk but don't have the colour ring to hand. I'm thinking its about a 6. Is someone able to help me out? I need to order hair ASAP. Many thanks
  8. mrselliott

    HD brow help

    Just popping over from hair for a bit of advice. I am in desperate need of getting my eyebrows done. Can someone explain to me the befits of hd brows. Also is it best to go to someone i know is hd trained or is it something any beauty therapist can do?.
  9. mrselliott

    Hair up prices

    How much do you charge for hair up?
  10. mrselliott


    How many mls are in a tube?
  11. mrselliott

    Holiday hair essentials

    What are the products you always tell your clients to take on holiday to keep their hair looking good by the pool and keeping it in great condition too.
  12. mrselliott

    Leyton House

    Has anyone used this brand? Colours in particular. They are at my local wholesale store and was wondering if its worth having a look?
  13. mrselliott

    Blonde to dark!

    I have a client who is naturally a base 3. She has been having highlights for a long time. We use bleach and 12/11. She now wants to go back to her natural colour. I'm not too sure what to use as I don't want it to go khaki. What are your suggestions. I have added a picture of her now and...
  14. mrselliott

    Training head

    Hi geeks. I'm looking to buy a new training head so that I can practise hair up! I keep looking at the ones that are 100% real hair. Is this really necessary? They are so expensive and can't really justify spending £60-£80 on a head. I have found some that are 80% real hair, but I'm wondering...
  15. mrselliott

    SJK clip in extensions

    Has anyone used these? Are they any good?
  16. mrselliott

    Hair up help!

    Ok so hair up isn't really my forte and I haven't done it in years! A friend really wants me to do her wedding hair, but I have no idea where to start lol. Step by step guide would be amazing lol.
  17. mrselliott

    Kanekalon synthetic hair

    Has anyone got any experience with this type of hair? I have just purchased a pony extension but the couloir isn't quite right. It says only colour if a professional? Has anyone tried colouring this before and if so did u go lighter or darker and what did you use?
  18. mrselliott

    6/73 using double base in Koleston

    Hi geeks. I have a client who is due to have her roots done. I normally use 6/73 in koleston but need to use double base now as its just not covering the grey. Can someone please tell me how to get the same colour using double base and special mix??
  19. mrselliott

    Colour of 2013

    Last year we saw a lot of ombré, bayalage colours. What do you think is going to be the colour this year? So far I seem to be seeing a lot of reds/purples etc. a lot of raspberry, plum colours. What are ur thoughts on colours for 2013
  20. mrselliott

    Wella specials

    Hi geeks. I have a client who I have been using 1/2 6.0 and 1/2 6.73 in wella full head tint. I'm thinking that I need to go onto double base as its not covering enough of the grey. Can someone advise me on what to mix to get the same colour as 6.73? I'm not very confident with special mix.