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    NSI- Spa or other

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across a wholesaler who supplies NSI. They sell Spa (odour free) and the other which i assume is the regular. I bought the Spa and found it was very good for self leveling and doesn't seem to lift, however, it takes ages to set. Is it the Spa range? Has anyone else...
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    Fabric# - who and where??

    Hey everyone, might sound a bit dim here but here goes. I'm interested in the Fabric# that seems to keep coming up on this site. Please remind me again Who does it and Where can I get it? Star Nails trained wishing to change products. Thanks xXx
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    Ons?? USA Product

    Hi, the local wholesaler near me sells a product from the USA. I believe its changed its name or packaging. At the moment its mostly Green and White. Has a large O and a (N) inside it with an (S) next to it. I'm looking at the acrylic products they sell that come in a clear packaging. What I...
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    Self leveling Gels?

    Acrylic tech looking to add service. Please help remind me which Gels are or help self level. Have played with IBD and StarNails products. Thanks. Trained with StarNails Acrylic and Fiber#