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  1. Nicky_Loves

    No shows!

    Hi, Ive had a couple of problems with some people not showing up. (2 this morining!!) This is the 2nd time this gent has done this but had others do it once or twice without warning. What do you do? Bcoz I feel like letting out a scream! Thanks Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  2. Nicky_Loves

    Best Kirby Grips/Bobby Pins

    Hey, Looking for ur opinion on whats the best kirby girps out there, im struggling to find ones that a strong enough for hair ups. Any recommendations? ? Xx Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  3. Nicky_Loves

    Wella/Igora Royal colour, what could this be? Cocktails

    Hey geeks, What colour would you recommend me using in wella or igora royal for this? I mainly wella but like the royal blonde range.. Also does anyone have any recipes ud like to share?? Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek mobile app
  4. Nicky_Loves

    Wella colour going a shade lighter?

    Hey geeks I was wanting to pick your brains. I have a lady who is naturally a 4/0 shes only ever used 4/0 / 5/0 on her roots. Shes wanting this colour (pic below)..I would consider a cleansing shampoo for lift it a little, but what would you do. And which Wella colour would u recommend best...
  5. Nicky_Loves

    Personal question-extensions

    I am considering getting extensions, ive got half white half black hair. And its in a bob just above my shoulders. Im worried that I am going to have a line of where my hair stops and im never going to wear it down straight...am I valid in sayn this (ive never had them in before) ive also just...
  6. Nicky_Loves

    Hair up/occasion hair

    Hi.. Basically I was curious about what you all done when learning about the above. Ive been doing hair for over 5years and have done hair ups+wedding hair (but no brides yet) This is my least confident subject but I want it to be one of my main ones! I am probably being overly critical but I...
  7. Nicky_Loves


    Hi guys, How do you feel about Balayage. I had a client ask me about it last week and I done my research and done it on her this week. Ive been reading up about it and its got such mixed reviews..what your take on it if youve done it before... Thanks N x Sent from my GT-I9505 using SalonGeek...
  8. Nicky_Loves

    Breach of contract-void? Starting up on my own

    Hi folks. Im just looking for some advice. I was employed and long story short, I had already handed my 6wks notice in then a wk later my boss says I breached my contract..so does that make the whole thing void? As I am starting up on my own and it did say in my previous contract that I wouldnt...
  9. Nicky_Loves

    My hair after washing

    Hi geeks i was wondering if anyone had any idea why my hair does this after i wash it.. I only wash my hair once maybe twice if its lucky a week as ive always coloured it. I dont use straighteners and try and let my hair dry natural, but it always drys like this and its a little...
  10. Nicky_Loves

    Weave extensions

    Hi geeks, Im getting a little confused with wording of different kinds of extensions..ive had a weave before, it was two pleats around the back of my head..but when i type in weaves into you tube its women getting theyr whole head pleated...whats the one with two pleats from temple to temple and...
  11. Nicky_Loves

    Hair extensions/pony tails/hair piece

    Hi Geeks, I have a client asking about getting a good hair piece so she can have a pony tail but also wear it down.. she says shes seen something like this before but i havent...i under a rock? And if anyone knows where i could find a good one? N Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek
  12. Nicky_Loves

    Cruella De Vil hair ideas

    Hi geeks, I do realise i probably spelt the subject wrong..but i am ready for a makeover for myself..ive had illac hair for ages as i wanted the perfect shade for my wedding...so i want something totaly different so i thought about half one colour and half another... And wondered what other...
  13. Nicky_Loves

    Updating your profile?

    Hey i just reinstalled the app on my new phone. But need to update my profile and wondered in anyone knew how to do it on the samsung g 3???? X Sent from my GT-I9300 using SalonGeek
  14. Nicky_Loves

    Zebra print hair?

    Hi geeks, I have a client who wanted a part shaved from her head thn leopard print done over the top. But it's quite common so I suggested zebra print instead, I thought it wud go better with her black hair tht she already has. So anyway I went a snoop on you tube but any fond any videos on it...
  15. Nicky_Loves

    Holly- Geordie Shore

    Hey geeks! I've just starting watching Geordie Shore for the first time.. Anyone any idea how holly keeps her red hair so red??? Doesn't look like it fades and stew had it a while now! Xxx
  16. Nicky_Loves

    New client, best ash blonde..

    I am going to be getting a new client, who I have been told has THICK hair. She already has H/L hair but wants more ash instead of golden blonde.. I just know its going to take me forever to do a full head foil on thick hair...any recommendations on a good ash colour in wella or matrix? Thank u xx
  17. Nicky_Loves

    Matrix developer

    I know this is probably a stupid Q BUT I've got 8v but no matrix developer..can I use my normal developer??? I'm jst using it to tone my previously bleached hair.. Thank u please xxx
  18. Nicky_Loves

    Bleached roots won't tone!

    Hello geeks, I want to pick ur brains on the best way to avoid bleached roots not taking a toner... A few times even to myself I've done my roots then whn I've added my toner to wet hair it's not took!! Xx
  19. Nicky_Loves

    Extensions on This Morning

    Is anyone watching?? X
  20. Nicky_Loves

    My perfect shade (Wella/Matrix)

    Hi geeks I am getting Extentions this Monday and need to get my perfect Lilac shade in wella or matrix to do my Extentions too. It's for my wedding in July and I want to have the perfect light blonde lilac.... Do far I've used Koleston 12/89 as a toner after doing my roots but the lilac didn't...