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  1. Cute Tips

    I need a screen saver

    Im looking for a nail related screensaver for my desktop at work. Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get one from?
  2. Cute Tips

    Business Picking up!

    Well after a quiet couple of weeks things finally seem to be picking up for me. Over the last 2 months I have paid out on advertising in the local rag costing me approx £300....from which I had only one responce...I was pretty gutted! So today I'd had enough....made some xmas panflets and got my...
  3. Cute Tips

    Mother and Daughter package

    I did my first 'Pretty Little Lady' party on Saturday for eight 8 year old girls. It went really well and girls had a fab time.....so much so that one of the young girls has emailed me asking if i could do a 'Mother and Daughter' package that she would like to buy for herself and her mum...(...
  4. Cute Tips

    Im Online At Work! Whooopeee!

    Just to let you all know.....i just got online at work!!!! WHOOOPEEE!!!!! You WILL be seeing alot more of me now! I normally get 10mins after work to scan through everyones posts....but thats it now....i can sit geeking it all day and i know that any help and advice I need is just a click away...
  5. Cute Tips

    My Opening Day

    Hello everyone Ive not been around for a while as some of you know i have been setting up my new salon.....well....here I am....on the opening day of Perfect Endings! I opened yesterday and everything went great. I had a really good responce and everybody loved it! It feels like such a relief to...
  6. Cute Tips

    Your hands, your feet, our passion?

    Your hands, your feet, our passion. This is one of CND's little dits which i absolutly love and i would love to have under my salons name ... BUT ... am i allowed too?????? Im waiting for a call from marketing at the moment but im just wondering in the meantime if any of you guys know where...
  7. Cute Tips

    I signed my lease today!

    Hello everyone I dont post all too often on here - although I am here most nights geeking away to myself but i have to post this today other wise I think I will burst! I signed the lease on a shop in town today....and it is alllllllllllllllll mine! I cant begin to tell you how excited and...
  8. Cute Tips

    creative spa manchester

    Hi , Just hoping someone can help me out on this one. Im on the Creative Spa day tomorrow in Manchester and had my letter though a few days ago telling me what to take, how to get there ect ......now me, leaving it till the last minute again have gone to get the letter out.......and cant find...
  9. Cute Tips

    Brush questions

    Hello All I have just been reading about contaminated brushes and have a couple of questions myself. First off, Which part of the brush is the 'ferrule' and how does it get contaminated? I am having a bit of a problem with my brush at the moment. The brush is working fine and doing its...
  10. Cute Tips

    THICK nails wanted. Help!

    Please help, advice needed! Just had a lady call and book in at 4pm this afternoon. Over the phone she tells me that she has acrylics (l&p) on at the moment but they are too thin and keep breaking, she asked me if I can do them quite THICK for her. I said that we can have a better consultation...
  11. Cute Tips

    Ken Bigley RIP

    Please spare a moment for Ken, his wife and his family and friends. Let us show our sympathy. God Bless his family at this sad time. RIP Ken. Love Rebecca
  12. Cute Tips

    OPI Nail Envy

    Hello, Just a quick question. I meet lots of women who all say that they use o.p.i Nail Envy and say that it works brill in strenghening there nails and helping them grow. This is all well and good but I am slowly converting to a Creative girl, I love there L&P, Brisa, Solar collection and...
  13. Cute Tips

    My first set of Brisa nails

    Hello, This is my 1st photo on here, i have just tried to put it in the gallery but it wouldnt work, so im just gonna try here! The photo isnt that clear really and my flowers are looking a little like squashed flies!!!! They do look much prettier in real life! It is my first set of Brisa...
  14. Cute Tips

    Nail Trainer Advice

    Hello All I got a nail trainer on ebay last week for only 64 pounds, I received it in the post yesterday and it is in great condition and everything............but i have no instuctions!!!!! ( didnt expect much else for 64 quid!) I have had a good look at the hand and can work out so far...
  15. Cute Tips

    What does it cost?

    Hello All, Im just wondering if any one has the quick answer to my question rarther than me sat for hours trying to work it out! How much does it cost the nail tech (us), to complete a full set of CND nails in L&p.....&......Brisa Gel? In products and material im on about. When I did my...
  16. Cute Tips

    Nail Trainer Advice

    Hello There, I am currently looking to buy a nail trainer and would like a little advice before I go ahead and buy one. I have just had a look on EBay and they have some CND Trainers and also Essential Nails trainers, is one better than the other or are they genarally the same? Also I am booked...
  17. Cute Tips

    Hello ! Newby here!

    HI, i just joined today, wot a fab site for us nail techs, cant believe its taken me this long to find it! I have been doing nails for 4 years now, on and off in between having 3 children( yes I am slightly mad)!!!! I first trained with StarNails Gel and L&p, yesterday I booked on to do...