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  1. Tilly Ann

    I'm all excited!!!!!!

    I'm so excited. Got a phone call last night asking to be a bridesmaid!! So......on the 2nd nov this year I am going to be bridesmaid for Fingertips ND (Vicki)!! Who would have thought that from just talking about nails we would have such a great friendship!!!!!! xx
  2. Tilly Ann

    Little advice!

  3. Tilly Ann

    Guess whose nails I've just done!?!?!??!

  4. Tilly Ann

    Guess whose nails I've just done!?!?!??!

    Hey guys!! Not been on here for a while as I've been a busy little bee!!! Just thought I'd let you all know that I have just done the Queen Bee's nails!!!! Thats right......none other that Gigi herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Hell!!!!!I was actually pooping my pants but I truly could not...
  5. Tilly Ann


  6. Tilly Ann

    Paypal has taken money from me!

    Hi guys!! I have just logged onto my email account and I have an email from paypal saying they have taken £202 from me for and Item that I bought on ebay but I havent bought anything for about a year and a half!! There are a load of links to click on so that I can go straight to my account to...
  7. Tilly Ann

    Geeklin Geeklette

  8. Tilly Ann

    Friday morning chuckle!!!!

  9. Tilly Ann

    I like this! xx

  10. Tilly Ann

    I'm back from Boot Camp!!!!!

    Hi everyone!!!!! I'm back from the dreaded Boot Camp lol!! It's been a hard week, a few very late nights and very early mornings and a lot of studying! however, all my hard work has been paid off and I am very pleased to say that I am now an: Education Ambassador for Creative Nail...
  11. Tilly Ann

    Omg! Boot Camp Is Here!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone! Sorry I've not been on for a while properly! I've been sooooooo busy! Hope everyone is ok! Just wanted to let you all know that next week will be the week of truth! I go to BOOT CAMP to train to be an Ambassador for Creative!!!!!!!! Holey moley!!!!! I can't beleive it's here...
  12. Tilly Ann

    It's my last day today!!!!!

    Morning peeps!! I am soooooo excited!! Today is my last day at my job and then I'm starting at Designer Nails/Hyperion Group on Monday!!!!!!!!! I am a giddy kipper today!! I can't wait!! I'm not sure if my new boss will let me geek so not sure when I'll be online again after today! So...
  13. Tilly Ann

    Race for life!

    Hi all!! Just wanted to say that I am doing the race for life this year in memory of my best pals mum who sadly lost her fight against breast cancer on the 28th of December 2005. If anyone would like to sponsor me my fundraising page is www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/kirstenmc Thank...
  14. Tilly Ann

    CND Polishes at Excel!

    Hi all! Does anyone know if CND are doing any offers on polishes at excel? Do they normally have some offers on? I can't remember! Just trying to work out my list! Don't want to bug GMG or Samantha! Anyone got any ideas? Cheers! x
  15. Tilly Ann

    Blonde moment!!

    Hi all! I thought this might make you smile a little at my expense but it was funny!! I am a really fussy eater and I worry about eating stuff all the time so with all this Bird Flu stuff going on I have decided to not eat chicken anymore! So, on Saturday morning I was on my way to the...
  16. Tilly Ann

    I'm having the bestest day EVER EVER!!!!!

    Hey everyone!! I am having the best day EVER!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you all about it! This morning I got 12 Red Roses delivered to work, I got a new phone, I'm being taken out for a meal tonight AND (this is the bestest bit)... I'VE GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!! I met with The GMG last week and I've...
  17. Tilly Ann

    Ring things!!!

    Hello everyone!! Wondered if anyone could help me please!! I think I've broken a bone in my back! :sad: :cry: Oh what fun it is let me tell you!!! I'm finding it hard to sit down at the moment! My pal has suggested getting one of those ring donought things to sit on but no one knows...
  18. Tilly Ann

    Happy Birthday KateYork!!

    Happy Birthday Sweetcheeks!! Have a great day!!! :hug:
  19. Tilly Ann

    Hello geekios!!!

    Hello everyone!! How are you all? I just thought I would show you all the newspaper article that went in my local paper! I was really pleased with it, it was a full page and in colour!!!!!! Hope you guys like it!!! xx
  20. Tilly Ann

    Moral issues!! x

    Hello!! Me again! Sorry for all my posts recently lol! I have a bit of a moral dilemma going on at the moment and needed some geeky opinions! As some of you may know I split with my boyfriend in September as he was a bit of an ass. I still see him and we still talk but nothing is going...