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    Blue black/midnight blue

    Hi there! Looking for some help! I have a client who wants to go blue black she’s a level 4/5 just now. Which colours would be best? Also I use Wella mainly but have been using guy tangs range lately and know he does a colour called midnight blue. However I’m unsure on whether to pre lighten...
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    GDPR help!

    I know this may of been covered but I’m writing up a statement for clients to sign, what should I include consent for apart from the following: To hold client records Client details To contact them To use images on social media Any other tips ? Thanks S x
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    Hair loss from extensions help!

    Hi there, I've done extensions for years and never had this problem before! My client came in May/ June for her micro loop extensions she naturally had thin to normal hair and wanted the micro rings to which I only fitted 100g max, obviously her hair was cut shaped and parts of it thinned to...
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    From blonde hair extensions to white!

    Hi everyone! i've had a problem with blonde extensions since i started years ago, i can never get them in white! my current supplier does #60 #613 and silver but not white:cry::cry::cry::cry: my current client is white and has a batch of #60 going in, can any one recommend a toner that will...