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  1. J

    Nail art gel paints?

    Bio Sculpture High Pigment Gel or Magpie Beauty Gel Paints? Does anyone know which are better? And what the differences are? Thanks in advance xxx
  2. J

    Microblading & SPMU training

    I really want to train up in microblading & semi permanent makeup. The nouveau beauty group (aka KB Pro) seem to be one of the best, but they do seem a lot more expensive than some other brands. I guess I wanted to hear some experiences of people who have trained with them to see if the cost...
  3. J


    Advice on best companies to train in dermaplaning with please? What you charge for it, and your area would also be helpful :) Thanks in advance xx
  4. J

    Pedicure range recommendations

    My current pedicure range (pure organics from The Creative Beauty Group) has been discontinued. There’s so many out there, I just don’t know what to replace it with! Obviously needs to give good results and make my life easier. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
  5. J

    Insurance help?

    Can anyone recommend a really good insurance company for nails, beauty and salon (contents etc)? I am sick to death of abt, every time I ring up I feel like an inconvenience, they have no clue what I’m on about half the time, they won’t insure me for some accredited courses, they just make my...
  6. J

    Best LED light

    I want to introduce LED light therapy into my salon. But there are so many out there! I have trained previously in a different salon with omnilux and dermalux and found them very bulky. Any advice on which one’s best? Thanks x
  7. J

    Best acrylic system?

    What is everyone's opinion on the best acrylic system to train with and use? I want good longevity and healthy on the natural nail. Tia xxx