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    Comment by 'nerdia' in media 'Another view.'

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    Im guilty of asking for discounts. I did in a high-street shop the other day and got a bargain, last pair of fab green wedges but the friend i was with was soooo embarrassed and she told me off!
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    Comment by 'nerdia' in media 'Step 8 - apply Solar Oil .. of course.'

    nail is amazing. hoping one day my work with wraps will be half as good
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    Anyone heard of this- here we go again!

    In any case unless an individual is well trained the results wont be the same so the customers who fall for this will be disappointed because they are not professional manicurists.
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    Overweight in the beauty industry

    Totally agree I have a spinal problem caused by an accident and am a size 12 now so it was rather irritating when one of my spinal nurses said i had to lose a bit of weight so as not to put extra stain on my knees. Im ok with the advice but it was being given to me by someone very overweight, to...
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    Tanning | Mother Defends Spray Tanning Toddler

    Totally agree. What I also found interesting is that the mommy hasnt made an effort with her appearance and yet puts her lil'un through the hassle of looking like a doll.
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    A cheeky request?

    Great thread really looking forward to it
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    Ombré nails

    Preety please and a bunch of you fav flowers, they are awesome
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    Beauty | Do You Love Your Muff Enough?

    hahahaha can you imagine the face of whoever gets this as a prezzie?
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    Shellac pricing

    Totally agree. If a therapist provides a professional and dedicated service appreciative clients will keep coming back and they know that you really care about what you do and them
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    MMA is not for Nails

    Great article. Many years ago before training to be a tech i used to get my nails done "the wrong way with the wrong sort of acrylic"!. It totally put me as I thought acrylic was bad! Now I know better!