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    Jan/Feb Offers

    hey! i have a range of offers in mind but not sure which to go with! 1 - recieve 25% off when you spend over €30 2 -Valentines Special (for Feb!!) make-up, full spray tan & File & french on hands OR feet, normally €85 now €75! 3 - March Specials - Treat you mother to a mini...
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    Website for printing your own gift vouchers

    hey! i printed all my gift vouvhers and business cards off "" its free and easy to use, well worth a look!!! hope it helps!!!
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    Favorite Shapes

    i love the sqoval shape but im with lisa v - what the hell is stiletto???!!!!
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    What do I need to open a beauty salon?

    hey!!fair play tya for wantin t go ahead with this. BUT i do have a few words for u!! Firstly do u actually want to be a therapist in the salon or just own it???:confused: if u want to be a therapist its guna take u years to get to where u want to!!!:mad: i just opened my own salon in...
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    Question about products.

    the code on the boxes is only the number of that product sold or somethin like that!ur entitled to a 100% refund on dermalogica products tho so if u knew what salon they were bought in ul get ur money back or another product!!
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    I did it wrong !

    When i was trainin i always followed the sequence to the letter ie i always used my balance bond, primers etc, then one day i was doin a set of gels on my own hands and didnt bother usin balance bond as i was in a rush, i just wiped over the nails with acetone to remove any residue!!the strange...