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    Could i get in trouble for this?

    if i was ur boss i would not b very happy u r takeing money from the shop i would sack u on the spot sorry
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    Did any of you hair pros wonder if you were cut out for it in the beginning?

    hi just letting u know that u will b ok as long as u feel u r a good hairdresser if it comes naturally i am a salon owner and to me it does not matter what level u r at it can be trained into everything u need to know but u need to confident in ur own abilitys that way it will come across to ur...
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    Crazy Colour

    u can use fudge crazy colours but it will wash out with in 2 weeks the best thing u can do is to let the client buy the colour off u after use but i would expline that it will wash out if she doesnt buy the colour off u
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    Dark brown going red

    i would use a red magma in foils and then use a red put with a base to colour inbetween the foils that would give best result could always add more magma u could also use a halo technque to make the colour more interesting good luck
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    Advice please on products for Blondes! :)

    there is nothing else out there thats as good