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  1. Julia Lashes

    Neighbours complaining about smell of acrylic

    Why don’t you use monomer without odour
  2. Julia Lashes

    Clip in hair extensions for sale

    Hi, is it Russian hair ?
  3. Julia Lashes

    Colour help needed

    Hi, Becca . I’m having same situation, dyed my hair with Kolestol Wella . My hair looks awful 3 inches re-growth. I’ve ordered hair dye removing shampoo, hopefully it will remove unwanted aubergine colour. But still need professional advice 🙏🏻
  4. Julia Lashes

    Silk fibreglass

    Thank you , I didn’t think to check salon service 😌
  5. Julia Lashes

    Silk fibreglass

    Thank you for your replay , I found them great for broken nails
  6. Julia Lashes

    Silk fibreglass

    Please recommend high quality fibreglass U.K. based . Thank you
  7. Julia Lashes

    Dangers of "Russian Manicure"

    I absolutely love Russian mani and pedi , my clients love combi, I personally prefer full Russian . With good qualified tech it’s harmless. Once had it done on vocational in Moscow , and nail techs are top there , they actually on top with all beauty industry . Just need to make sure nail tech...
  8. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Eyelash extensions, feedback please

    Model needs to be with open eyes to see how inner corners are looking , what map did you use , what model eye shape . Btw good work !
  9. Julia Lashes

    NVQ/VCTC or not?

    Thank you for sharing
  10. Julia Lashes


    Hi, I’ve been using Elleebana for years in a salon where I worked , I agree I personally think the same . At the moment working from home with INLEI , and tint from them, with very gentle oxidant
  11. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Lash lift and brow lamination

    Thank you , she had lovely long lashes )). It tint Thuya , you can’t use henna after lami, only after 3 weeks xx
  12. Julia Lashes

    Lashing time

    You’ll get there , my first set was 5 hrs 😱, then with years I can in 2 or 2.5 hrs
  13. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Henna

    Brow henna first client
  14. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase My first work

    I’m not professional but trying 😊
  15. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Brow lami & tint

    Lash bomb
  16. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Russian volume

    3-4D Russian volume
  17. Julia Lashes

    Work Showcase Ombré 2D

    Russian volume 2D purple ombré
  18. Julia Lashes

    Lashing time

    Amazing work, but I would use 6 inner . I’ve been lashing for 7 years still takes 2 hr for classic 99% coverage and prep , Russian about 3 hrs
  19. Julia Lashes

    Best UV lamp for beginners?

    So , that’s mean professional nail techs using only one brand ??? Professionals trying 30 different brands of gel polishes and hard gels , and they need 30 different lamps?
  20. Julia Lashes

    Cashmere lashes?

    Yes they are , they only 0.15 but they super light