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  1. Tomtomrow

    Hair closure suppliers

    Any one recommend a supplier for hair closures? My supplier no longer does them.
  2. Tomtomrow

    Real hair clip on pony tail

    Hi! I’ve a customer looking a clip in pony tail in pink. It’s impossible to get so we were going to colour one for her wedding but there isn’t any real hair ones? Any ideas were to purchase one?
  3. Tomtomrow

    My poor hands from fitting extensions

    Pliers have my hands in bits :( like my bones even hurt!! Lol anyone any tips ? Christmas will be a busy I don't know how I'll cope
  4. Tomtomrow

    Wanted hair extension teacher

    This is not an actual job position, it's an enquiry for future ideas!Is it possible to get someone who who teaches qualified hair extension courses to come to the salon and teach ? I have a few salons and I could guarantee 20 people looking the course . Or would they all have to go to a course...
  5. Tomtomrow

    Baby shampoo and hair extensions

    I always hear people using this as after care even though I recommend they buy from my supplier . I heard a lady recently saying its very damaging to extensions . Why is this?
  6. Tomtomrow

    My hand hurts after extensions

    My hand is aching after fitting extensions and clamping the beads! Not just the skin actually inside it! Any exercises to help? Or what pliers do you use?!
  7. Tomtomrow

    Protein shakes instead of meat!

    I don't eat meat . But I take supplements , eats loads of bananas and beans . Should I take protein shakes? I do work out alot and I'm in good shape but I feel I'm missing out on protein . Are these healthy ?
  8. Tomtomrow

    Do you open Mondays and Sundays?

    Do you have them off? So many salons are opening Sundays its crazy!
  9. Tomtomrow

    Protein shakes instead of eating meat

    Hey guys I don't eat meat at all . So I need another way of getting protein ! I eat bananas and bean would protein shakes benefit me? I work out and I'm not afraid of gaining muscle or weight. Are they healthy?
  10. Tomtomrow

    Solar panels wind turbines

    Dad has a big work shop in a very large shed, he has yard lights on all the time to . Would this benefit his business . I heard the solar panels only save a tiny bit on electric. He also rents out part of the yard and they constantly leave lights on. Is there any sort of machine you can put...
  11. Tomtomrow

    Moisturising tan

    I use a little but if moisturising Johnstons tan. 3 times a week. Is it good for your skin? I no tan drys the skin out. Would moisturiser without tan be alot better to use? Obviously I like the colour but if it wasn't healthy I would use it once a week and the other two times a normal...
  12. Tomtomrow

    Refreezing ice cream

    Ok I googled it and can't find it my mum always told my its very dangerous as the bacteria due to the milk can make you very sick . True or false ?
  13. Tomtomrow

    How much? Sunday texters!

    Oh god leave me alone it's Sunday! Anyone else getting this? People sending ??? If you don't reply ? I no my mobile number got out there can't change it its too hard lol and old friends that I have lost there num have it etc. the reason I deleted Facebook !!
  14. Tomtomrow

    Guy or doll?

    Is there many guys on this hairdressing forum or are ya all ladieszzzz? It's confusing with the names .
  15. Tomtomrow

    More paper work than work!

    Im up to my eyes with paper work, im exhausted after fitting heads all day then to sort product orders, hair orders , file receipts, staff rota, paybills.. etc I need an extra day a week :/ its sometimes to much! I couldnt train someone to sort this all either ughhhhhhh Rant over lol (maybe I...
  16. Tomtomrow

    Hair extension courses Ireland / Northern Ireland

    Hi guys , Im already qualified but done my course in the UK . People are always asking me is there anywhere in Ireland pref Northern Ireland they can do a course? I dont mind giving them the info as the dont live near me :p so any help? Obv approved courses only
  17. Tomtomrow

    Will the hair extension madness last?

    Hi guys i am quite new :) loving this ! Ok so hair extensions. I can hardly keep up, I am extremely busy. I am not complaining I am delighted . But will this trend stop? Will I be as busy in ten years ? Its hard to no! This is the recession and its ging great or will more people jump on the...
  18. Tomtomrow

    Hair feathers!

    I have a few people asking about these. Has anyone tried them? Can you put heat on them? Synthetic I am guessing?
  19. Tomtomrow

    I'm new

    Hey guys!! Im new on here! My clients are always chatting about this site ! Im a qualified hair dresser and extensionist .
  20. Tomtomrow

    I'm new