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  1. Cherie0304

    Help! Allergy alert

    Help!! Hv a client who has developed allergies to gel/polish. I use CND & Gelish Gel and OPI & Vinylux Polish. Can anyone suggest or recommend and “5 free” products I can use on her. Removal is ok as I cover her toes/nails in Vaseline and then remove. I myself am allergic to...
  2. Cherie0304

    Dipping powder?

    Does anyone know if you can use ordinary acrylic powder as a dipping option? Thx. I hv loads of colours and rather use these than buy again. TIA
  3. Cherie0304

    CND GelBond

    HI. I hv a client who has flat ridged nails and has trouble keeping her nail enhancements on for more than 7 days. I’ve decided to buy some Gelbond again although I really didn’t get on with this before but know it’s perfect for these type of nails. Would someone mind confirming prep for me...
  4. Cherie0304

    CND Gelbond?

    Hi. Does anyone else hv trouble with CND Gelbond. I bought this as I saw the rave reviews and just can't seem to get it to work. I applied pressure on tips as suggested in other posts. Where am I going wrong!! Procedure for nail enhancements is Cuticle work Remove shine Scrub fresh Dehydrate...
  5. Cherie0304

    Mixing systems

    Hi. Just a general question. Has anyone ever used acrylic over a hard gel enhancement? I find hard gel very strong over nail tips and just wondered if anyone has tried mixing the two systems. Asked around and been told not to mix but not why?? Interested in anyone's thoughts.