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  1. Jade97

    Advice on pricing for a beginner

    So I’ve only been qualified in acrylics for about 4 weeks, at the moment I’ve not been charging people that I’ve been practising on as I just want to build up a few photos of what I can do. I want to make a fb page and start charging to cover some of the costs of products, I don’t want to charge...
  2. Jade97

    Primer for acrylics

    Hi so I’ve just newly qualified in acrylic nails, I need to buy a primer but I’m just wondering if the acid free primer is just as good an an acid bonder primer ? Been reading up on google on the differences and now I’m worried to use the acid bonder primer as it says it can cause...
  3. Jade97

    Gel polish recommendations

    Hi so I’ve just taken an acrylic and gel nail course last week and I’m looking to invest in some good quality long lasting gels. I’ve been currently using mylee and tried a few of the naio nail gels just for my own use and friends nails, but I want some more professional quality ones for when I...