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  1. whatabeauty


    Me again,Lol i am a 2nd year beauty student (when i go back in september), and i've started to get a few clients. I've just rang Batac to get insurance and they won't insure me without certificates, i won't get these til the end of my second year. The lady on the phone said i need something...
  2. whatabeauty

    underage clients

    Hi, i've just passed my V.T.C.T. in acrylic nail extensions YAY!, i have a client tomorrow for a full set of acylic nail extensions, but the thing is she's only 11, The mum approached me and said that her daughter has been wanting to have it done for some time, and she was going to go and have...
  3. whatabeauty

    newbie nail tech

    hi all, i've not visited for a while, i hope everyone is keeping well! i have (will) be passed as nail tech in a couple of weeks, i have spent the best part of nearly a year at college studying to be a nail technician, the thing is i don't feel qualified enough to walk into a salon/ nail bar...
  4. whatabeauty

    advice needed please for waxing

    hi to all, could anyone please advise me. i am at college studying beauty therapy level 2 and have just finished the waxing module. my boyf bought me a waxing kit for christmas (last saturday) and of course i was so excited i had to try it out early so i waxed a few hairs on his lower back and...
  5. whatabeauty

    ouch, they hurt please help!!

    hi, i haven't been on here for a while, been busy with new beauty and nail extension courses etc, hope everyone is well. i am doing my vtct in nail extensions (started in september) and for the past few weeks we have been practising on eachother applying and blending tips, however, my nails...
  6. whatabeauty

    i am starting monday too!! need advice

    i am starting my nail tech course on monday and my beauty therapy course next thursday, my grandad died on wednesday, funeral next friday, and i am worried that i will just break down ( i lost my uncle last oct, step dad in feb and my nan in may) i hate to put this on you all but i feel i...
  7. whatabeauty

    how long is acceptable for cancelling appts

    i hope someone can give advice, i booked to go and have electrolysis yesturday (only 10 mins session) my appointment was at 2.00 and i had to cancel at 12.15. i rebooked for today at 2.00 but i forgot i am supposed to be taking my children bowling with their friends at 1.00 so i have cancelled...
  8. whatabeauty

    more vodka 4 me yipee!!!

    apologies if this thread is already posted, my p.c decided 2 turn itself off halfway through, (as it does,) as i was saying my husband has taken my children away 2 a campsite 4 the weekend ( i dont do camping, i do laying round a pool 4 2 weeks in spain!!), i thought 2 myself , i will have a bit...
  9. whatabeauty

    use by dates of monomers and powders??

    I apologise in advance for a question that may seem silly, but i am new to all this. I did a 6 week intro to nail extensions and liked the course so much i am going to college in sept to (hopefully!) get my diploma in nail tech and am doing nvq 2 beauty therapy, to get to the point i went a bit...