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    It's good to be back on The Nail Geek

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    Anyone in Haywards Heath or nearby?

    I need someone to practice on and happy to be practiced on :rolleyes:
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    Geekmolians - what are they?

    Can someone explain to me what Geekmolians are?:rolleyes:
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    It's good to be back on The Nail Geek

    Hi everyone I have been missing in action for the past year, having taken on doing a part-time 1 year course in Beauty Therapy. While I was doing that, I laid down my brush to concentrate on the course. Now that that is all done and dusted and I've qualified (yay :green:) I have picked up...
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    Grid for nail station filter

    Hi Geeks I recently bought a well-used second hand nail station, but after a good clean, it's come up quite nice. Anyway, the metal grid that sits on top of the filter hole is a bit rusty and manky. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement without having to buy the nail station that...
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    Creative trained techs/shops in Amsterdam?

    Hi all. I am in Amsterdam this week and next, working in the "day job" unfortunately. Does anyone know if a Creative trained nail bar or tech in Amsterdam where I could go for a rebalance? Jeni
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    Books for Beauty Therapy Business

    Hi, can anyone recommend a book on starting up a salon - beauty therapy and/or nail salon?
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    Desparately need Stickey & Super Shiney

    I've missed the last postings before Christmas and don't have time to get out to the OSNS in Acton before they close today. Does anyone know any nail salons or shops/department stores around the West End (London) where I can buy Creative varnishes (retail)? Jeni
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    Hoax eBay Scam - be aware

    Just wanted to warn everyone about a scam my friend received, supposedly from eBay. My friend contacted eBay about it, and eBay said that it was NOT from them and went on to say that they never ask for such details. The email was titled "Breach of user agreement - security measures" and read...
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    Inflatable pedicure bowl

    Now, I don't know if I dreamt this, but I'm sure I saw a picture in a magazine of a little blow-up pedicure bowl - like a mini paddling pool. Has anyone seen these and know where you can buy them from? Great for the mobile technician who has enough to carry :biggrin:
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    Yellowing from brush contamination

    Hi all. My brush is contaminated (I am ashamed!). I hadn't used it for 3 months and spent alot of time trying to clear the yellowing that seems to be coming out of the metal bit. Is it possible to get it clean again if I continue cleaning it in monomor or should I give up now and just buy a...
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    Picked up me brush again

    Well, I've finally picked up me brush again now that I've finished my man/ped course and can start wearing overlays again (till i start my beauty course in January that is!!). I managed to do a set of L&P's (pink and white) on myself at the weekend. It took me H.O.U.R.S.!!! They don't look...
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    Nail varnish carry case

    Hi'yall! Does anyone know if the mobile carry case that Perfect Nails sells takes Creative and OPI polish bottles as well? Or if the Designer Nails mobile carry case takes Essie and OPI bottles???? Jeni
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    I've qualified!! Yay!

    Just wanted to let you know that I finished my man/ped course at the London College of Beauty Therapy on Saturday and am now qualified. I'm really pleased and can't wait to get my certificate. :D And more importantly, start charging for my services :biggrin:
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    To charge or not to charge, this is the question

    Okay, I've been working on my price list and it struck me that I'm not sure if I should include varnishing in another service or always charge it on top of a service. For example, if someone has a manicure or pedicure and want their nails painted, do you include it in the cost of the manicure...
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    Cancellation policies

    Hi all geeks I've been putting my price list together and was wondering about the most effective way to word my cancellation policy. Does anyone have any ideas or tell me what works for them? Jeni
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    Nail varnish on trousers ! Eeek!

    Does anyone know how best to get nail varnish off a pair of trousers??? It's not much. Will it wash out?
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    Reaction on hands and fingers

    I have a little bit of eczema on a couple of my fingers that flares up really badly when I am doing l&p. I think its from all the dust. Does anyone else suffer from this and does anyone know of a good barrier cream I could apply to stop the dust settling on my skin? Nightmare!!!!!:cry:
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    Oils for hot oil manicure

    Can anyone recommend a really good oil for a hot oil manicure? Apart from sweet almond oil? :?:
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    Most popular Creative & Essie nail colours

    I'm just getting started as a nail technician and would like to know your most popular Creative & Essie nail colours. Look forward to hearing from you all