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  1. whatabeauty


    Me again,Lol i am a 2nd year beauty student (when i go back in september), and i've started to get a few clients. I've just rang Batac to get insurance and they won't insure me without certificates, i won't get these til the end of my second year. The lady on the phone said i need something...
  2. whatabeauty

    underage clients

    Hi, i've just passed my V.T.C.T. in acrylic nail extensions YAY!, i have a client tomorrow for a full set of acylic nail extensions, but the thing is she's only 11, The mum approached me and said that her daughter has been wanting to have it done for some time, and she was going to go and have...
  3. whatabeauty

    newbie nail tech

    hi all, i've not visited for a while, i hope everyone is keeping well! i have (will) be passed as nail tech in a couple of weeks, i have spent the best part of nearly a year at college studying to be a nail technician, the thing is i don't feel qualified enough to walk into a salon/ nail bar...
  4. whatabeauty

    Anyone doing Slimming World

    i am doing slimming world after watching the mum-in-law lose 3 stones since may last year. i have been on it for 2 weeks now and hate it! i am constantly hungry and obsessing about food. i live on green days 'cos at least you can have a decent amount of chicken if you have it as 2 b choices...
  5. whatabeauty

    Famous Male with Nails....

    my hubbys always on my case to give him manicures and pedicures. He works outside all day and his hands are really dry, i know i should really, but he has these really bulbous fingers eeeeewwwwww. it's good practice whilst i'm training to be a beauty therapist/nail tech i suppose, imagine...
  6. whatabeauty

    He may come home

    have everything crossed for you, hope he comes home for christmas, best wishes xxxxxx
  7. whatabeauty

    advice needed please for waxing

    thanx for the advice, as i was doing it he did complain that it was too hot, because it was a new one i was experimenting with the temperatures, perhaps that was it, i will try witch hazel and perhaps something with tea tree in as the after wax had lavender and allsorts in but not tea tree, i'm...
  8. whatabeauty

    advice needed please for waxing

    hi to all, could anyone please advise me. i am at college studying beauty therapy level 2 and have just finished the waxing module. my boyf bought me a waxing kit for christmas (last saturday) and of course i was so excited i had to try it out early so i waxed a few hairs on his lower back and...
  9. whatabeauty

    ouch, they hurt please help!!

    thank you for all the replies and the very helpful advice, i will definately try some of the suggestions, I will speak to my tutor on monday, i asked her if i would benefit from a nail trainer and she said that she dosen't really think they are any good for practising because you can over file...
  10. whatabeauty

    ouch, they hurt please help!!

    hi, i haven't been on here for a while, been busy with new beauty and nail extension courses etc, hope everyone is well. i am doing my vtct in nail extensions (started in september) and for the past few weeks we have been practising on eachother applying and blending tips, however, my nails...
  11. whatabeauty

    Beauty Uniforms

    hi, i don't know where abouts you are in essex, but, i am at thurrock and basildon college (based in grays campus) doing nvq2 beauty therapy and got mine from hairways (it's a wholsalers) in basildon, mandarin tunic and trousers cost £53.00), also i am at redbridge college doin vctc nail...
  12. whatabeauty

    Nailympics (London) 20-21 March 2005

    thanks for the info i have now registered for my tickets , i am new to the whole nail industry, but i have learnt enough from other geeks that this is a prestigeous ceremony (almost as good as the baftas lol!!) i am looking forward to the event and meeting fellow geeks.
  13. whatabeauty

    What Do You Do To Have Fun Outside Of Work/Nails?

    i love drinking, spending time with my kids, 3+7, nail tech course, beauty therapy course, drinking, chatting on phone ALOT, computer (always this site) drinking, lol, sometimes hubby, more drinking, whisky and lemo at the mo, and if i've enough time the gym, (to work off whiskey and lemo!) lol
  14. whatabeauty

    hello all

    i am new here, it seems like when someones down everyone is here to support eachother, i flt down a few days ago and i got so much support here, i hope everything goes well, and i hope you and your baby are fine sounds like all is well at the mo, take carexxxxxxxx
  15. whatabeauty

    Sorry could'nt resist this one

    lol very good
  16. whatabeauty

    September 11, 2001

    i think everyone remembers where they were when they heard the tragic news, my heart and thoughts go out to the people of america today, and to anyone who lost a loved one in that barbaric act of terrorism, the scumbag bin laden is still out there 3 years on, beggars belief!!
  17. whatabeauty

    i am starting monday too!! need advice

    thank you all 4 advice i know deep down that life does go on and i have my beautiful babies around me, but there is so much death and violence (i haven't got to mention beslam in russia and those angel children that died, god bless you all!) perhaps one day we can all live in a half...
  18. whatabeauty

    Slightly rude

    nearly pi**sed my self , v.v.v. funny,
  19. whatabeauty

    for all e-bay'ers-funny!!!

    i have heard it before and it's always good to listen to its very funny, yet i'm still waiting (2 weeks later) for stuff i've bought off e-baynegative feedback alert!!!!
  20. whatabeauty

    mens magazine "NUTS"

    believe it or not, my husband said that since i've been doing my nails etc. he looks at other womens nails wether its abi titmus or mrs bloggs!!