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    Bleach advice

    Looking for some advice with foils I have not been fully back in hair for about 8 years and been really trying to re-educate myself throughout lockdown. So I am from the era of cap highlights with bleach and 60 vol. I want to transition to foils but am scared stiff of bleach I am worried...
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    Favourite lightener?

    Hi, what's everyone's favourite bleach? Do you prefer regular or a clay lightener?
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    Pink semi permanents?

    Hi, just done my daughter's hairI have and used wella instamatic Pink dream and am really disappointed. You're supposed to be able to use it on a base 10. From other people's posts it seems that they were disappointed too.... Can anyone recommend a pastel pink please? Thanks
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    Eyelash extensions?

    Hello everyone, thinking of doing a semi permanent eyelash course.... Could anyone please advise the initial setup costs? Thanks in advance.
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    Charging for bum cheeks?

    Hi I have a lady that wants high bikini and bum cheeks. What do you ladies charge for this. Thanks
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    Levothyroxine and waxing?

    Hi does anyone know the risk of waxing while taking levothyroxine? I have advised the client of skin sensitivity while taking an she still wants intimate waxing.
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    New clients?

    Hi all, I am looking to start up a mobile Wax service. I trained about 3 years ago never really advertised but recently did a Kim Lawless intimate course and so far am not really getting any customers... I have set up a website, Facebook and got myself on Google ads but I probably get 2 enquiry...
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    Folding tables?

    Can any mobile therapists recommend a folding table for putting wax heater on? Thanks
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    Kim Lawless trained - Cheshire?

    Hi, are there any wax therapists within a reasonable distance in the Warrington Cheshire area that's been trained by Kim? I went to a salon today and it was not the greatest experience. I have been trained by Kim and she definitely didn't use Kim's technique There's one lady that I found but...
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    2nd wax heater

    Hi, just looking for opinions,I have just recently done a female intimate waxing course and looking to make this my main treatment. I already have the hive 1000cc, but need another separate pot so I have got one for strip and one for hot. Can anybody recommend a cheapy just to get me started...
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    Mobile waxing?

    Hi, i trained in waxing only about a year ago. So far I have just used it on family members. Does anyone else only offer waxing treatments?
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    Wella colour correction help please

    Hi, have a client with foils 12/17 but there are too many and client would prefer a bit more ashy. My plan i to maybe use 12/1 and to break it up a bit with some lowlights nearer to her natural colour so that she is getting away from block regrowth. She is already naturally light between 8 or 9...
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    Best wax?

    Have enrolled myself on a one day waxing course. Once I've done the course I'd like to start to practice straight away. I would like to eventually offer clients high end products, have been having a look at heaters & before wax and after products, would it be possible to have some advice which...
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    Grey hair going yellowy

    Hi I have a client that has white hair & around the front it has a yellow cast to it.... She is not a smoker we have tried a silver shampoo. Any advice why it's happening & how we can remedy? She went to Jamaica & didn't wear a hat, that's the only reason that I can think of.
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    Hair dryers?

    I've just realised that my dryer is rubbish! I have just used one of the old Suter 2000 dryers & it is quite fast & hot...... They obviously don't do these anymore. What dryer do you use? I think Parlux are over rated they always bust on me.:sad:
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    Hi do you think flyers work for new mobile clients? If the answer is yes, how many do you think are needed for example 10 clients? Thanks.
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    Hi, looking for advice. I've been using FHI straighteners for years but sadly they have died.... I like the adjustable heat setting on them but someone else was saying Corioliss are really good. Which one's do you prefer? Thanks in advance;)
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    Does anyone use LK colour?

    Hi have a client who has had 4/80 violet auburn. Does anyone know any possibles in Clynol please?