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    Business name, please help

    please can anyone help me i need to name my new business. ill be doing astetics but some beauty treaments ike plasma facial and microneedling as well makeup. I'm finding it hard to come up with a name that suits both astetics and beauty . it's driving me mad lol! and need to come up with one...
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    Help! Did a spray tan using Norvell and client looked grey!

    please help i did a girl a spray tan for a girls 18th birthday. i used norvell tan first time ive used this brand and im regretting it. the girl looked grey after it. i feel sick from worrying i dont want her to look bad tomorrow for her birthday party what had caused this ???
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    Eyebrow extensions?

    hi can anyone please please help me out. i want to do an eyebrow extention course but not to sure who to go with. some charge 125 for trainning and others 1000. do i really need to spend all that money? thank you x x:confused: