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  1. Popart

    Dust collector

    Hi everyone, Happy New year to you all. The news tonight is draining yet again. I am on the hunt for a new extractor dust collector. I got a cheap one and it really isn't good. I was looking at TAFS, I would love this so much, but scared to make a big payment with how things are at the moment...
  2. Popart

    Information on body wraps

    Hey geeks! I'm looking into body wraps at the moment for inch loss! There is so many out there! Does any professionals use any that they can recommend? There is one's I have been looking at, the timings all vary! Example: one says to leave on 6/8 hours, another 20 mins then 60 mins...
  3. Popart

    Black European wax

    Read on the internet about thus black wax by merdrid. Looks amazing and I did email her but no response. Anyone here of it or are using it?
  4. Popart

    Gel polish problem

    Hey guys I have a problem with the gelish french manicure. Some people get a week, some 2/3. However my block colours last 3 weeks. The french is chipped easier I think. I have been qualified for 2 years. I know it could be the aftercare, just wondering has anyone had the same problem?
  5. Popart

    Breached contract

    I recently posted a thread regarding moving business premises as the current salon is way expensive, too expensive to cope. Our first contract was for a year just so we could see how we got on. The next contract was for 3 years. All seemed well. 1 year into the contract things are getting very...
  6. Popart

    Homemade wax?

    Hey geeks. Seen tutorials to making ur own sugar and honey wax. I tried it last night and must say it was fun but an absolute disaster, its just like honey. I def went wrong somewhere lol. Has anyone tried making this wax before or even any of their own products?
  7. Popart

    Waxing nose hair

    I recently seen this on the jersey shore program! Pauly D and the boys got there nose hair waxed with hard wax on the end of a spatula, sore but good results. What does people think of this and is it safe?
  8. Popart

    Shut shop or look for cheaper premises

    Hey geeks! After a little quieter Christmas than last year I decided to sit down and go through accounts etc. Overheads are ridiculous, I live in a very small town which has one of the highest unemployment rates. For my salon rent is 200 per week and rates 6,500 a year. A girl across the...
  9. Popart

    The Christmas pinch

    Hey geeks! How is all business' going? I must say I feel like shutting up shop, its def quieter than last year and im gettn really stressed out :(
  10. Popart

    Tanning booth

    Hey geeks! Im revamping my salon and was looking in to the tanning booths? Do you think this would be better than me spraying people? Has anyone had it done by this machine or anyone have one that could give me some feedback? Thank you xx
  11. Popart

    HD brows help

    Hey I was for booking a course on HD Brows then all of a sudden 4 beauty salons are doing them and advertised this week! Only thing is they are not HD trained. My business is only opened 2 years this April, so them other salons have a bigger client base than I do. Will I be wasting my money or...
  12. Popart

    Acrylic dual nail moulds reviews

    Hey! I have started using these molds on friends to see how they are, I find that air bubbles are a problem! Has anyone used them before? full set of acrlyics in 30 minutes is a bonus. Thanks x
  13. Popart

    Employee that I can't trust

    Hey geeks! Need some advice. Me and my business partner wer away on holidays for a week and had our employees in charge. One whom works on the hairdressing department uncharged a client by £30! She then used our colours twice in the one week to colour her hair leaving us without 2 sets of...
  14. Popart

    Boosting business during week days!

    Is it just me or is anyone else feeling the pinch since January? Valentines was a bit quieter than last year and sometimes I think Im wasting money being in the salon! Does anyone have any tips or tricks for week days? My Fridays and Saturdays are my best days, but hate being bored! I even find...
  15. Popart

    Electric Nail Drills?

    Elecrtic Nail drills YAY or NAY? Do they make your acrylics easier or is it just a disaster? Opinions please :) xxx
  16. Popart

    Fibreglass nails! What's your opinion?

    Hey Im currently studying Silk Nails. What do people think of these? They cant be as strong as gel or acrylic? How long would they last ? Your reviews please :) xxx
  17. Popart

    Lip Transfers

    Hey guys, just ordered my glitzy lips kit! Wanting to know what peoples verdict is on these? Thanks :) xx
  18. Popart

    Need Advice

    Hey geeks! Im in business now over a year and its going great! Week days are busy but this past 3 weekends my weekends (Fri & Sat) are so quiet!! We are a hair and beauty salon and run offers often, but I feel that people are holding out till these offers. I want some kind of boost to the...
  19. Popart

    Need advice on a trainee

    Hey guys! Have a trainee working with me at the moment! At the start she was great but now its a disaster! Everytime I ask her for a treatment its awful. She waxed my underarms last week and burnt my skin! This is a liability. I dont know whether to let her go cause I am getting frustrated with her.
  20. Popart

    HD Eyebrow Training in Northern Ireland

    Anyone know places that train HD Eyebrows in Northern Ireland? Your help would be GREAT!!!!:Grope: XX