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    Ipl or Dioade laser

    Thank you Lisa. I love this forum for advice ! I’ll have a look.
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    Ipl or Dioade laser

    Hi, I am looking at SkinBase as they are offering an option of paying a deposit then pay as you go option with training and support included. We don’t currently have a definite date to reopen as yet in Scotland and I’m going to wait to see if facial treatments will be permitted before making a...
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    St Tropez booth question 🤔

    Hi I have seen a few on eBay and gumtree. It might be with advertising 😊
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    Skinbase Ipl

    Hi Did you ever go ahead with SkinBase ? I am thinking of them too. Thanks
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    Card machine payments

    Hi I just wanted to pop on to say I have frozen my monthly lease payments. I think most merchant services will do this but you have to ask. I’m only paying £2.40 and my lease will go on a few months at the other end. Hopefully business will be booming by then ! Every little helps.
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    Card machine payments

    Morning, I use Cloverflex from First Data. My bank also offered the Cloverflex however the rates per transaction are better with First Data. It’s very easy to use and payments can be taken over the phone etc for deposits. Clients also have us set up to simply pay by bacs transfer which has no...
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    Ipl or Dioade laser

    Hi, I’d love some feedback on this too. I am interested in purchasing my first IPL machine 😊
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    Christmas gifts

    Hi I popped into Aldi recently and they have gorgeous flowers at £2.29. I’ve given a bunch to clients to say thank you for shopping local and their continued support. I originally bought them for clients who changed their facial appointments to an alternative treatment after our guidelines in...
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    Consultation forms minefield

    Hi if you download Timely Consult it is free and has everything that you need. We started using Consult a few months ago and it’s super easy. It is in our salon IPad and we sign on behalf of the client .
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    Home based salons

    Any advice on facial treatments and facial waxing in Scotland ? We currently can’t offer them however I do see other salons still doing them. Trying to keep up with the guidelines is mind blowing.
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    Facial treatments, Scotland

    Hi fellow struggling therapists, I’d like to know how other salons are managing to do facial treatments and waxing in salons in Scotland ? We are unable to offer these services however I do see other salons continuing. Please share if I’m missing something. It’s soul destroying building your...
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    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    Hi Lisa I am a Reiki Master as well as a therapist. My Reiki training was a few years ago. I found a Reiki course online with Udemy. It’s a refresher for me. Udemy do various courses on different subjects. I thought I’d try it as it was on offer at £10.99 ! My training cost hundreds of pounds.
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    Am I crazy to start my business now?

    Absolutely go for it ! I skipped into the house after a 10 hour shift with two full laundry bags and did part of an online course while my towels washed and dried. I’m smiling from ear to ear with my shutters up ready to go again this morning. I didn’t think the clients would come back as they...
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    Consultation forms

    Hi Timely do Consult for free. It’s perfect for what you are looking for and I hear they are going to launch new features. We use it and it’s super simple.
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    Eyelash extensions not lasting

    Hi I feel for you. Your aftercare to clients is to keep the lashes dry for the first 24 hours at least. This must include not wearing a mask for a prolonged time as this affects the lashes. Maybe say to clients to factor this in. Avoid going to shops or anywhere they may need to wear a mask just...
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    Hard/hot wax

    Outback Organics Opal wax is amazing !
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    Cancellation policies

    Yes, we have a cancellation policy. It’s not a sign of weakness. Your therapist will not earn any money in that time. You wouldn’t turn up for work and not be paid. I’m sorry you feel in a negative place about this and are looking for a legal way out of paying the £10. I’m certain the salon will...
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    Cancellation policies

    Hi I had a client yesterday call to say she had double booked with her hairdresser and our nail tech which was an hour and a half with half an hour notice. We take full payment if the appointment isn’t cancelled within 24 hours. She paid in full and rebooked for today. She was perfectly happy...
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    Salon reopening not as busy as thought it would be! Anyone else the same?

    I absolutely agree ! A salon close to us are doing gel polish hands or toes for £10 ! We have 2 nail technicians and 3 therapists fully booked most of the week. We are relentlessly driving our business. If you don’t you will be driven out of business. We focus on even just a half hour space that...
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    Good shoes?

    I wear Clark’s flip flops. They look like a fit flop but super comfortable and come in different colours. I’ll keep an eye on the thread though for any suggestions. What a great idea !