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  1. Sploo

    Viola colour ring

    Hi geeks. Has anyone got a viola colour ring they no longer use that I could buy? Was going to purchase one from their site but £61 !!!! Nearly fell off my chair!! Thanks in advance!
  2. Sploo

    Hair extensions company help

    Hi there’s loads of threads on here about suppliers. We all have our favourites so it’s about trying and seeing which ones you like. Type in search bar and you will get lots of answers.
  3. Sploo

    Tape hair extensions refit - help!

    If they look ok then they probably are. She isn’t massively overdue yet so another couple of weeks won’t hurt. Hopefully you can get to her then. If not then advice about removal at home is the next best thing. It’s unavoidable as we haven’t been able to see our clients so to avoid damage then...
  4. Sploo

    Hair extensions suppliers?

    Hi there. Yea I would be very interested in updating my colour ring! It’s doesn’t have the light or dark versions of any colours on there. Yes those colours you mentioned are the usual suspects but also col block 18 col 16 and most recently col 12. I’ll attach pic so u can see what I mean.(...
  5. Sploo

    Hair extensions suppliers?

    I admit I’m becoming disheartened with euphoria. Been a fan for a long time but so nervous about ordering certain colours now as they seem to come with ‘pink’ tones that match no ones hair! I always put a note on now but alas no change ( just opened latest order to find it pink..) sigh...
  6. Sploo

    Hair extension coating

    Coating? I’m not sure what u mean by this. I know they used to coat some hair with a polymer to make it appear smooth and shiny but that’s because the cuticle was removed. I haven’t heard of recoating hair so would be curious to hear more about the process!
  7. Sploo

    Elastic top nanos?

    No idea what that could be unless she means they were plastic instead of metal? [emoji43]
  8. Sploo

    Viola glue sticks

    Ah good to know thank you. I think I’ll trial one one lady who has just one row so if it’s terrible it’s not a drama to replace! Thanks again for the info x[emoji1360]
  9. Sploo

    Viola glue sticks

    Anyone used these before? Any good? Was a bit concerned they didn’t arrive in a sealed package [emoji43]
  10. Sploo

    Archie Lloyds Indian hair?

    Hey geeks. I have a client who insists on wavy hair. So taken the plunge and gone for Archie Lloyds Indian hair. I’ve used their russian a couple of times ( especially as it’s now 50% off) and it’s lovely but I thought the Indian would have a nice wave to it. Anyone used this hair and can give...
  11. Sploo

    The best tape extensions

    Prestige do nice tapes also euphoria one ( be a bit wary of their colours , sometimes not a perfect match) I prefer the prestige for the lovely mixed blonds and also their root stretch and balayage ones have mixed ends which euphorias don’t.Euphorias are nice and thick though. I also used foxy...
  12. Sploo

    Anyone use Beauty Works extensions?

    Yes they used to be great quality but now it’s touch and go! Haven’t used them for a couple of years now, could never rely on the same quality and their prices are crazy! [emoji43]
  13. Sploo

    Hair extension detectability

    Also agree, nanos aren’t suitable for very fine hair the sections are tiny to accommodate the teeny rings and the tips are still quite heavy so overloading can occur.
  14. Sploo

    Hair extension detectability

    Teeny tiny glue bonds I think. I make my own rather than use the prebonds so u can do them really small [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  15. Sploo

    Looking for a new hair extension supplier

    Have a search there are loads of threads on here regarding suppliers. Type it in and they should come up xx
  16. Sploo

    Hair extensions ‘testing’

    Anyone else curious about these testing stations(factories/labs) where our extensions go when we send them back? I would love to know where they are and what the process is for testing. I wonder if they accept visitors to have a look round and see how it all works I think it would be really...
  17. Sploo

    Advice for grown-out extensions during lockdown

    It won’t cause damage or hair loss if you do it carefully. Use pliers and make sure the ring is popped open before trying to slide the extension out. Gently pull apart the little dread that’s left (rather than combing down ) then when it’s loose brush it out. If you have clients that are...
  18. Sploo

    Micro/nano square or triangle sectioning

    I use square sections x
  19. Sploo

    Glue stick help

    Thanks for the info! I did find them in the end but they are for a smaller gun than mine xx
  20. Sploo

    Want to make hair extension treatment a bit special

    Yes I think a little aftercare package would be nice. Along with instructions you can give an extension brush and maybe some nice leave in conditioner or treatment spray? Xx