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    Diamond Rhinestones

    Hello Can anyone help me here,As i am new to nails (1 year). How do i apply these diamond rhinestones to a french manicure?. I dont know anything about nailart but i think i could add these to a french manicure, just need my thoughts confirming really. Thanks Girls. easypeasy :rolleyes:
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    Question Pro-Styler

    Please can anyone help??????????? How long should your brush last? I have the creative pro-styler in between size, and my applications are starting to go ridgy. I dont know why!!!!. I dont usually have problems. My brush does not feel like it used to though. I thought it might need replacing...
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    Top coat going grey!!!

    Hi everyone, Please can anyone tell me why one of my clients nails are going grey? Here goes....... A new client x2 visits for enhancements does not like re-balances she prefers in her words "fresh new nails" Instead of spending lots of time buffing to a shine I use creative wet look topcoat...
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    Hi everyone, Just purchased the try me kit Fabric#. Can anyone tell me how do you do a rebalance with this? do you apply more fabric? Posted this in a topic earlier fibreglass and Geeg mentioned something about Fabric# . did not get a reply i think maybe noone saw this, (hence this post)...
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    Difference between Acrylics and gels

    Can anyone enlighten me on acrylic and gel?????????? Me being new to the nail world, what is the difference? I hear people say acrylic is bad for the natural nail,and the gel is much more gentle.Is this true? I have been doing nails since May,and yes i have noticed that long term wearers do...
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    Help!!!!!! I have jut printed out the tutorial about sculpting, as i need the practice. what i would like to know is, do you do the rebalance the same as you would as if it was a tip :?: :? All help and advice gratefully accepted Thanks easypeasy :)