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    Ash brown on cleansed copper hair

    Hi, so I posted the other day with this client and she previously had majirouge 7.45 on her hair which was done last November. She now wants to go a natural light ash brown or the best I can achieve without highlighting or bleaching. She has done a home colour cleanse to help remove some of the...
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    Cancelling out copper

    Hey, I am a qualified hairdresser and am looking for a second opinion in my decision please. I have a client who had inch 1/2 regroup base 6 and ends faded 7.45 I shall post a pic of now and what she wants- she wants to be a light ash brown all over. The sides and underneath were shaved last...
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    Best rated vibrant copper brand

    Hi all, I recently tinted a clients hair from 6 that she had stripped st home to a level 7/8 and I applied majirel 7.45 30vol. It came over a nice copper brown tone but for next time would like to go very bright copper preferably without bleaching, can anyone recommend any other brands that...
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    Tint on tint question

    Hi all, just after a second opinion really, so a client has previously had majirel 6.1+6 20vol all over last couple of times and now wants a nice copper tone matching a 7.44. She has 1inch 1/2 natural re growth (base5/6) as has been about 10 weeks since last done. My thoughts are to do 7.44...
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    Self employment question

    Hi all I’m looking at becoming self employed in the salon I work in and the owner would like 40% of my takings. This includes full use of the salon with as many chairs and all equipment too. He has said that when I am off sick or on holiday I should pay a retainer for the chair but I know...