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    OK you nail geeks, what's your opinion on this...

    Hi Christie! I have read a lot from you and your nails are amazing. You are SO talented! Wish I could be like you! Over to the licence question. Here in Norway, we do not have any licence-system either. In some ways, I don't care, but in other ways I wish we had. To be honest with...
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    OK you nail geeks, what's your opinion on this...

    Hi! I'm from Norway. I use only Angel Love gel. I have tried lots of other gels, but Angel Love gel adhere best to my customers nails. Also, some chemicals are forbidden in Denmark, BPO and Hydrochinon, Angel Love does not contain any of these chemicals. I Love AL because it adhere very well...
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    Gel nails in London.

    Hi! I am a Norwegian tech. I have some clients who live in London. They can't find a tech that they are satisfied with, so they are coming to me once a month to do theire nails. Now I'm trying to get in contact with somebody here that I can refere them to. Anybody? Best regards Cecilie
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    Hi! I own a nailschool in Norway and the first thing I always learn my students is: NEVER do anything for free or with discounts! You are NOT playing, this is real life, and you have to run a shop. If you give one friend discounts, then you feel you have to give another one, and another...