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    Need recommendations for folding table & chairs for mobile nail tech?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for ideas for a folding table and chairs for when I start doing nails mobile. Any recommendations for what you use and what works would be a great help. What do your clients normally sit on etc. Thanks in advance xx
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    Is it OK to offer just gel polish and not normal polish?

    I will be offering mobile nail services but only want to do gel nails and not normal polish. I just prefer gel as once its dine its staying put. I dont like regular polish as it can be ruined to easily! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance 😁😘
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    Mobile luxury manicure, what should be included?

    Hi, I am going to be offering mobile services and I am trying to decide what my luxury manicure will include. What do you all offer with yours? I'm thinking: remove polish/gel - soak - cut, file & cuticles - scrub - mask - hand & forearm massage - finish with cuticle oil. However, I'm wondering...
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    Mobile nail tech prices! Advice needed

    Hey lovely people, I'm after some advice..... I'm going to be going mobile in a few months and I will be offering gel nails, manicure and luxury pedicure treatments. I'm thinking about what to charge and would love a bit of input from you all. I am in Jersey, Channel Islands and prices here are...
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    Modelones gel polish info needed!

    Hey, I'm trying out some modelones testers and I'm quite impressed. Does anyone have any info about this brand and would it be a good brand to use for my mobile services? Thanks
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    Dry pedicure info needed!

    Hi everyone, I'm aiming to work as a mobile nail tech offering various services which will include a pedicure. I want to provide a good service, and I'm thinking of doing my treatment water less. Is there any type of foot scrub or similar that can be used without water and having to wash the...