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    check out my cool nails!

    christie u really are an inspiration to us all ! Take care f x
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    Which tip?

    no.5 i can definatly say i use these well before any of my other tips i also use alot of 9's but nowhere near as many 5's Take Care Fingerprint
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    Forum botox

    i agree too i like the new look 8) Fingerprint
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    design your own brush!!!!

    again i agree with what geeg has said. Take Care Fiona
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    Displaying Nail Art Designs

    Hiya Well to display my nail art designs i use a modern stamp album coz they have little seperate pockets for each nail , hope this helps take care fingerprint x x :)
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    Anyone ....

    who is going to olympia doing the nail competition , ive been concidering for a week or so since i received the leaflet , just wondered if anyone else was doing it or concidering the same as me take care fingerprint
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    Nail ART Prices

    40 p per rhinestone or alterativly if they are having a design i charge from £5 for a full set i only have a few who have i though :)
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    man's pedi with art..

    those are really cool ! If only more men would have em done ! Fingerprint
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    a really good idea :) now why didnt i think of that i hope it goes well ! Would you mind me nicking the idea at all :?: take care fiona
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    Who most in the world would u love to do nails for?

    and yes i know she is dead but if i could of ever had the chance i would of like to have done .... Marilyn Monroe She is my idol !!!!!!
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    Your inspirations??

    i mean it seriously everything inspires me , at the moment i am really into 3d art havent done a 3d for about 2 weeks now which was my own where i now have 3d flowers on all my nails , over christmas i did a candy cane on my mums index fingers they looked really good i never got any piccies...
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    Professional Nail Products being sold over-the-counter!

    Hollywood nails in Lakeside i presume u mean LayStar ???????
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    Something to pickle your brains !

    you have really helped i really didnt want to do this as i was pretty sure (my common sense kicking in ) that it couldnt be done. Thanx alot you have reassured me loads take care Fingerprint
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    Gel Pens, the office type

    romford u ?????
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    Something to pickle your brains !

    yes this lady has no nail plate at all aparently they just peeled off !
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    Something to pickle your brains !

    I have been asked by a dear dear freind for me to do her mothers nails for her 1 big problem though. She is a cancer patient and has lost all of the nails through her treatment now correct me if i am wrong but i do not think this is possible for me to put nails on and honestly say they are...
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    Gel Pens, the office type

    i have used them loads of times and find them really affective i also used loads of other stuff to eg fabric /lol even used some holographic tape i found once (bad idea but thats another story )lol Those are lovely nails by the way are they yours/clients???? The only person i get to do...