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    Sienna X

    Anyone know of a salon with in the sidcup area that does sienna x spray tans and retail products, tried the salon locator but only far ones show up. Anyone on here do them.
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    Spray tanning

    Thinking of getting a spray tan for the first time and not sure what to go for. I want a natural light golden tan. What would I need to do before going to get the tan done and what would I wear during the spray tan, can you have a spray tan done topless to avoid getting those white marks etc and...
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    CND Vinylux

    hi, just a quick question! how can I find out which salons/nail techs near me that will retail CND VINYLUX? apart from phoning or texting them! Ty
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    Beauty cotton pads

    Where can I get make up pads for cleansing and toning the skin that don't fleece or full apart? I've tried all the ones boots sell and they all fall apart during use. I need them for use with a cleanser and toner that you use both sides of the cotton pad and the ones I've got fall apart straight...
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    Skin care dilemma!

    Hello.. I am confused about skin care and what products I should you for my skin. Dermalogica face mapping said I have sensetized/sensitive skin! and the lady said I should use the Ultra calming range! Other people have said that Dermalogica can be drying on the skin. I need some non bias...