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    Sunflower Nail Dust System

    Could anyone tell me the difference between the sunflower and fuminator (by Edsyn´s) :)Lene
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    UV Lamp ????

    may i ask how important the choice of uv lamp is, if i want to use it for a uv topcoat/finish only?
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    Lamp for uv top coat

    Hi all! Tried searching LOADS of threads, but haven´t found an answer. I do l&p and would like to be able to finish of with a uv gloss. Which uv lamp would be sufficient to cure this with. 9w? 36w? one or more bulbs? Thanks Lene
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    1st order with Mundo

    Ah, and now I might as well ask: how´s things getting on with Denmark?
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    YAY - My first comp.

    Tillykk, tillykke. Flot gået
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    What application were you taught first

    I was taught pink and white from the start, and we also had to do some pink and white sculpts. This was Creative L&P foundation course in Denmark. I would never have been able to do forever french if i hadn´t been taught from the start. Better to start of with the hardest bit. :-)
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    gucci nails

    very nice. Like them Ser godt ud :-)
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    Mundo in Norway

    And so do the Danes.....go get`em:lol:
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    how much hand sanitiser must be used?!

    Ah!! that´s actually a good way of knowing that you´re using the right amount. I can see how the three squirts meassure would never be precise. Quite important to know really
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    how much hand sanitiser must be used?!

    After reading the thread on controlling MRSA, I spoke to a relative who works in healthcare. We got talking about the use (and importance) of hand sanitiser. She told me, that to have the proper effect of the sanitiser, you must use quite a lot.aproximately three squirts/sprays. I don´t use that...
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    MRSA - easy to control

    As I Live in Denmark I don´t know, but it sounds quite serious, so would just like to know
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    Colorpops- Where to buy

    hmm. I seem to remember that sell these
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    which l&p system is best???

    means liquid and powder :-)
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    Chevron Nail Tips

    Hi! She does ship outside UK. I´m in DK and bought some. Good quality, by the way
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    Who did you train with??

    creative nails. I think they have a really good education system
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    Nitrile Gloves vs Other Types Of Gloves!

    you should use nitrile gloves because latex and vinyl don´t protect you properly against overexposure. I seem to remember that after wearing them for 5-10 minutes the product is able to penetrate the gloves.It might even worsen your condition, apparantly. this is also what happens with the...
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    L&P sculptured nails Course in UK

    Charlotte, if you don´t mind changing your brand, then there´sno need to go to UK. Do a conversion to Creative. They cover sculpting and once you´ve done a course you can attens their regular training nights for free. When going to these, you can practice whatever you like. I actually went to...
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    Re-Useable Nail Forms

    Hi! I´ve tried the reusable forms a couple of times, but find it a bit hard to make them fit snuggly. I use Creative´s and they are fab. Never tried other brands. Would really like to try out the Acra-c forms, but you can´t really get these anymore.
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    Crushed shell too THICK?

    Could you tell me the dist. on Ebay?
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    Which Cuticle Oil do you use?

    Hehe! me too. Tried the Q-tickles botanical oils, which are actually ok.(and look really pretty with little petals in the bottles). But....will never beat Solar oil:wink2: