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  1. stewie16

    Slow cookers

    I need some advice on these slow cookers everybody is going on about, I'm getting home me at 7 after work and all I do is put some chicken in the oven and chop up some veg and put it in the stove it takes 2hours and it's taking the Micky now I'm not sitting down to eat my dinner until 8.30 9pm...
  2. stewie16

    Question for American geeks

    Hi just a quick question for Americans on here. Is it true that you can sue anybody and for any reason in America? I saw this on a website and was very shocked! Want to know if it's actually true?? Americans think suing is the only way to solve problems, along with conflict (including war)...
  3. stewie16

    Do you tip a delivery driver?

    Today I had my shopping delivered and I tipped the driver £5 as he was very nice and very helpful and looked frozen! My friend said why would you tip the delivery man when you've payed for the delivery? I like to give something back for s good service even if it's 20p I hate the supermarkets on...
  4. stewie16

    Blood donations

    Has anybody donated blood and how long does it take and do you feel dizzy after? I would love to give blood I'm healthy male but can't as not allowed as I'm bent as a ten Bob note! I'm not a fan of needles but nice to help somebody in need!
  5. stewie16

    Antique dolls

    Has anybody have any antique dolls or previously had any in the past? I don't mind them but I have seen some for sale that are haunted with a spirit and should be owned by a experienced medium. I wanted to know if anybody has witnessed any strange activity. Some people find them uncomfortable...
  6. stewie16

    Question on customer service

    Hello I was just wondering how you as professionals deal with upper class/ snobby clients. I deal with some very rich wealthy clients who are into expensive taste and basically show offs. For me I just be myself and have no posh speaking voice whatsoever but can be looked down my noise...
  7. stewie16

    Freesat-anybody have it?

    Has anybody got Freesat at the moment? Is it better than sky? I'm fed up of the bad service and costing me £60 a month with Sky and repeated programs over and over! Or any other suggestions with a company would be great 😊
  8. stewie16

    Wella 7/17

    Does anybody use that shade I've never used it myself I know my friend Sarah always uses 7/7 + 7/17?
  9. stewie16

    DIY ombre

    Don't you just hate it when you see a video on YouTube of a non professional doing ombre to their hair slapping it on when it has that line after the finished result and everybody raves about it? It winds me up with so many videos out there and everybody is going to make a mess of their hair...
  10. stewie16

    Watch this

    What do you think of the First Lady and the lady after? Why do we do this to ourselves lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iKZL8Qwg27Y&list=WL
  11. stewie16

    What do you think of this?

    http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29004060 If it's not hoovers or lawn mowers it's chuffing hairdryers nah!!! Why don't Brussels just stop being stupid and save energy by shouting their mouths.
  12. stewie16

    What animal are you?

    If you could be a animal what would you be?? Me I would be a penguin :))
  13. stewie16

    Geeks you miss

    Ok so I know some people have left us on here or been banned but I really miss them and gave me some good advice.Do you miss anybody that's left?
  14. stewie16

    Ice bucket challenge

    Who's been doing it? Everybody on Facebook this morning has uploaded a video of pouring iced cold water all over them. I didn't even anything about it till this morning. Lol!
  15. stewie16

    People who don't listen to professionals!

    Why is it you give people advice and they do what they say they won't do! My friend coloured his beard with I think it were loreal home box colour? Some crap off the shelf at super drug. and now he's got blisters all over his face and neck and it's red raw! I don't wanna sound offensive but I...
  16. stewie16

    Favourite alcoholic drinks

    Mines port or sherry yes I'm an old lady! But I do like cocktails like cosmopolitan.
  17. stewie16

    What SPF do you use and which brand?

    Mine has to be SPF 50 and I use heliocare. I've tried so many different brands and this is the best one I've used. suits my skin lovely. :)
  18. stewie16

    Derma roller

    Hi I'm from hair side. Can I ask you skin geeks does derma roller thicken the skin and how many sessions would you recommended? I have very fair thin skin it's like Norwegian/Scandinavia type I always use SPF to prevent skin ageing. Stewie
  19. stewie16

    Derma roller

  20. stewie16

    What was the silliest thing you've done?

    Forgot to turn the kitchen tap off and flooded the kitchen while I was sat in the living room watching Jeremy Kyle. My dog ran in and started barking at me then I could hear water splashing everywhere! I nearly fainted when I saw the water everywhere it was like a swimming pool. Lol