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    Makeup artist space rental charge

    Does anyone rent out space to a MUA and how much rent do they pay you assuming they are using their own kit? We do makeup but are too busy with other treatments so thinking of renting the space out.
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    Marketing training courses

    I have just accredited my own beauty and nail courses what would you recommend to market my training school. It's a long time since I had to do any marketing as kept busy in the salon with constant new clients following recommendations. I was thinking of sending a brochure of my courses to...
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    What to charge for semi permanent lash course

    I just did my Award in Education and going to be bringing out my first acredited course in semi permanent lashes to begin with ....... I have a lady that is interested already as I have been talking about it whilst doing my teacher training. As I have only just started wondering what sort of...
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    Who to accredit courses with

    I have just done my Award in Education so am going to now accredit some courses starting with semi permanent lashes, gel polish and spray tanning. Just looking into different options of who to get to accredit them. Who do you accredit yours with and what are the advantages. I know there are...
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    Client threatening legal action

    So a client had a course of Microdermabrasion combined with alternate Microcurrent facials. The course was 10 facials the last one being Microdermabrasion. She has been a bit of a nightmare throughout swooping and changing appointments. So to cut a long story short she didn't turn up to her...
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    Dermaplaning training?

    Who's trained in this and who did you go with, just looking at options but doesn't seem to be an awful lot of choice of training providers.
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    Moving premises

    So thinking of moving premisis this year to something a little bigger, been in current salon for 6 years and it's getting a bit tight for the treatments we do and number of staff. It's just all a little daunting and am scared I will regret it- -should I just be happy staying as I am with no room...
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    Tassimo in salon?

    Was thinking of getting a tassimo for client drinks are they quick and easy to use or are we best sticking to a good old fashioned kettle. We are busy so cannot allocate extra time for making drinks if it takes longer than making a tea or coffee with a kettle.
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    Bullying children

    So caught 5 children in a soft play area aged between approx 3 and 7 sat in a circle around my little girl who has just turned 3. They thought they were hidden from view but I frequently look to see what she's up to amd where she is... They were all taking it in turn to slap her in the face...
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    Laptop recommendations

    So my laptop finally died and need a new one desperately but am a little overwhelmed by choice so what would you recommend?? I will be using it for doing salon advertising, social media, making leaflets etc, storing photos and using it to complete the rest of my Award in Education. Don't want...
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    Micro teach subject

    Just at the stage of my Award in Education formally PTTLS where I need to choose a micro teach subject but everything I think of I don't think I could cover in 15-30 minutes was thinking of doing something basic like pencilling on eyebrows but does this sound too basic and how would I do this...
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    Gelish Sweet Chocolate, Shellac similar?

    I have a client who wants sweet chocolate in gelish but she has an allergy to gelish not shellac. Is there a similar colour shellac do to this so I can order it for her as I don't have anything similar in and don't want to guess and it look completely different
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    People asking for discounts-rant

    Was wondering if anyone else has people messaging them asking for discounts on services, people who aren't my clients message me saying what deal will you do me if I come in and have such and such done. I am sick of repeating myself explaining that any offers are advertised and I can't just...
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    Which Baby Annabell is best

    Want to but my daughter a baby Annabell with some accessories for Xmas but which one is best as I didn't realise there were so many also is baby born any better and what are baby Annabell's must have accessories, can't choose as there are so many!!
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    Barbers chair for pedicure?

    While I'm quiet having a bit of a revamp, want to upgrade my ikea chair we use for pedicures but want it to be multi functional so can use it to apply party lashes and do threading and makeup. Don't know if a barbers chair would be suitable for pedicures too, where would I rest the feet and do...
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    Thinking of training in microblading

    I am already trained in Spmu but am thinking of training also in the microblading but I am a bit confused. From what I understand this method is not as long lasting as the tattooing but have noticed claims on facebook it lasts 12-18 months so the same as tattooing. I saw on facebook too a lady...
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    Favourite needles for SPMU?

    What are everyone's favourite needles when tattooing eyebrows and why I prefer 3slope and 1 liner but I know a lot of people I trained with use different, I just use the same needle configurations all the time because it works for me but think I should maybe try some different needles but not...
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    Photo angles for SPMU pictures

    So... Here's my first set of brows after training, was good to do as client had no natural hair whatsoever, I am wondering if the angles if the photos show off the work adequately or should I be taking side on shots too, don't want to bombard people with too many pics on Facebook but want to...
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    Threading course-Manchester?

    Anybody recommend a threading course in manchester for a staff member, I did mine at nsi it was ok but I tend to pick things up very quickly with little support and I think my staff member needs a course with a little more depth, thank
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    Website help

    Am in need of a website making in 2015, I used to manage my own but no longer have it as I simply do not have time. My father died this year and I have been running round looking after my mum who has dementia whilst running a salon and caring for a baby. I forgot to pay for my web page domain...