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  1. C.R

    Self employed stylist needed, Essex

    Hey guys, Still on the look out for a qualified hairdresser for my beautiful little salon based in Essex. Would suit someone mobile perhaps wanting to work the odd day or two from a salon environment - flexible days and times and very reasonable rental day rate. Must be confident with all...
  2. C.R

    Clinic/beauty room & chairs available, Essex

    Essex location. Room is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays £25 per day. Sink, hot running water and small storage space with work surface. Immaculately clean. Hairdresser also required on a self employed basis with own clientele. Beautiful salon with an amazing...
  3. C.R

    Essex Clinic room available

    Would suit specialised treatments requiring a super clean/sterile environment. Running hot water and storage in room. Beautifully presented. Self employed position only. The room itself is within a luxury hair salon. (Separate beauty room also available). Both rooms have good LED lighting. Use...
  4. C.R

    Beauty room available, Essex

    Beauty room available in Essex. Beautifully decorated and impeccably clean room within a hair salon. Would suit an established lash artist or general beauty therapist with own clientele. Flexible terms offered. Additionally, I also have a clinic room available. Reasonable rates.
  5. C.R

    Lash artist/hair extensionists & hairdresser required

    Self employed positions in Essex with competitive rental rates. The Salon caters to a younger clientele. Free promotion through all social media channels, refreshments for clients, Salon waiting area and all bills included. Self employed positions only which effectively means you are responsible...
  6. C.R

    Angel Remy stock issues

    Good evening everyone, Has anybody else noticed that angel Remy have been out of stock for over a month on certain shades? ( shade 2 in particular) it's such a shame, really love the quality of their hair but I think I may have to drop them as a supplier as their stock levels are absoloulty...
  7. C.R

    Remi Cachet mini locks?

    Hi geeks, Just wondering if anyone uses these and can help with the correct size to fit with the elegance mini tips, I've just opened an account and the mini locks come as 2.4mm - 2.8mm and Tia xx
  8. C.R

    Advice and colour suggestions please

    Hey geeks, So, I'm still very newly qualified and looking for suggestions on the best method to use on this particular client as well as colours (I use L'Oréal but still very new to this line) New client would like her regrowth lightened up to what she had done before (which you can see in the...
  9. C.R


    hey geeks, Really wanting to add easilocks to my current services and as soon as I get my level 2 certificate through the post, I'm booking myself onto their conversion course. I'm just curious as to how many bonds you would fit for half a head, full head, and extra full head as from what I have...
  10. C.R

    2 cuts away from qualifying!

    Wow,what a year it's been! At 39 years old, the thought of juggling work/kids with studying,exams and training initially terrified me,but,as I draw closer to that all important and much wanted certificate,I can honestly say that I've loved absolutely every minute of it and can't wait to get...
  11. C.R

    Photo theft

    Just some advice really from fellow geeks. I was made aware of a new Facebook/Instagram account (hair extensionist) using a lot of my work on her page. Unfortunately, most of the photos of late do not have a watermark image across them (stupid I know, I've only recently stopped doing this...
  12. C.R

    Shall I go dark or stay blonde?

    hey geeks. I've been blonde all my life, and I fancy going darker but I'm just not sure what will suit me-I've uploaded a photo of my hair as it is at the moment, think I'm about a 9 and all but 2/3 inches at the bottom is Virgin hair (the bottom is what's left of a high lift tint a few years...
  13. C.R

    LA Weave courses in Essex

    Hey fellow geeks! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I was wondering if anyone knows of any LA weave courses held in Essex? I had initially put a deposit down with KM to do one in Essex in Novemeber, but the course was cancelled and having waited for them to contact me with...
  14. C.R

    First day as trainee hairdresser

    Absoloutly loved it! Although small steps, I got to do a shampoo, learn how to blow dry, straighten, did some health and safety, client consultation, and observed a graduated cut- I'm sure all hairdressers must secretly have wrists made of titanium,as keeping the brush going round and round...
  15. C.R

    NVQ employabilty?

    ok, so I'm due to start my level 2 in a salon this week (will be doing level 3 after) and I know it's early days, but, although I will essentially be qualified after, I'm aware that the vast majority of salons require 2/3 years worry is that I will not be able to secure a...
  16. C.R

    VRQ or fast track?

    So, after doing a lot of research over the past few months, it looks like these are my only two options. I'm a qualified hair extension tech but am keen to learn as much as I can about hair. If I do the vrq,it means college based only,and although the college have their own in house salon, I...
  17. C.R

    Grey hair extensions

    Hey geeks! Just wondering if anyone knows of any suppliers that do 'grey' hair extensions. I currently use euphoria, angel Remy, AngelsLocks and am sending of for a transform colour ring next week, but none of these suppliers seem to do grey. Xxx
  18. C.R

    Back to back extensions=blisters

    Just wondering if anyone is able to recommend a decent pair of pliers for applying mini lox/copper tubes. After doing 2 extra full heads back to back today,my hand is in absolute agony from all the squeezing, the blisters are still weeping and my fingers have puffed up, any suggestions on...
  19. C.R

    Silicone lined vs non silicone lined copper tubes?

    Hi geeks! For those of you that use copper tubes, do the non silicone lined ones last? Also, do you find it better to fit them with mini tips or normal stick tips? I'm having a lot of requests for these lately, but the 'non silicone' lined ones make me feel a little nervous. Any tips and advice...
  20. C.R

    Problems with Euphoria Brazilian

    Hi geeks, Majority of hair I offer is mainly Brazilian from Euphoria, but I'm finding the quality has really started to go down hill these past couple of months and I'm not happy at all. The blondes seem to be getting too dry too quickly. Can anyone suggest a good supplier that does Brazilian...