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    The best conditioner for blonde over processed bleached hair?

    My own hair was the same and i started to get the 12 week blowdry treatment which lasts me 6 months between treatments. Its now like i have someone elses hair! its so silky is in great condition and so managable. I have curly frizzy hair which was bleached within an inch of its life but now i...
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    Extractor fan

    yea its a nightmare isint it! My furniture is the same all white and its a torture to clean everywhere after.
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    Extra little touches

    Lovely ideas NailsbyHayley thank you x
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    Extractor fan

    Yeah to be honest i feel like I am probably using twice that. Thanks for the advice x
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    Extra little touches

    What little touches do you do to make your clients experience that little bit better? I really want to focus on giving a lovely relaxing salon experience but not sure where to start. I do nails, tan, waxing and makeup but some of these treatments arent really suited to a cup of tea or what...
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    Best face wax?

    I use Jax Wax and alot of my clients love it as they don't even be red from it after. They all mention how painless it is.
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    Extractor fan

    Im using the Aura spray gun and i know myself my gun is set far too high. I recently went for a spray tan myself and realised how much less tan they used and came to the conclusion mine is set much too high. If my gun is set a bit lower do you think i wouldnt need the extractor? Its a fairly...
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    Extractor fan

    Hey guys just wondering would you consider the extractor fans that go in the back of the spray tan tent worth the money? Does it do a good job of pulling in overspray? Thanks
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    Rented beauty room with no waiting area

    Ive managed to make a small makeshift waiting area in my room. I only rent the one room and carry out all my treatments from there but what ive done is put a chair just inside the door and then ive hung a curtain which i can pull when i have someone having a treatment that requires some privacy...
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    Treatment time at 3 hours for enhancements help!

    i take 3 hours also but i do charge. I charge much less than other local salons around and i explain to people that i am slower and this is reflected in the price. usually they are happy enough then to dedicate the time to it
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    Mobile hairdressers taking baby with them?

    God no sorrry i would hate if my hairdresser brought her baby. No matter how good she was at my hair it would be a deal breaker for me.
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    Facial fillers and Botox

    I find it helps with dryness in my lips and the first time i got it done i thought it was a notion to me! ive had mine filled quite a few times now and i love it. Like mssophie said its just a pinch not sore as such. Ive had numbing cream applied each time and also in the filler there is a...
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    Tweezers recommendations

    Thanks ladies ill check out both.
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    Tweezers recommendations

    Hi ladies just hoping someone can give a little recommendation on the tweezers they use for running over any missed hairs after a wax please? Ive just started a waxing course and trying to build a kit and would like a good pair of tweeezers please
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    Recommendations for foot peels?

    where you do get it from? and how does it work?
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    Vegan waxing?

    is Jax wax not the rebranded version of Adam and Eve?
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    What is this called?

    Lol would you believe I’m just looking on it there now Thank you
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    What is this called?

    Oh thank you so much. I’ll have a good look now I know what to look for. Thanks again
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    What is this called?

    One of these
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    What is this called?

    Hi I’m bad at explainong but here goes.. You know when you have completed a set of nails and your taking a photo what do you call the thing people hold to show off the finished nails? It looks something like a paper weight but with your logo inside? Or where can I get one please?